Topless Tuesday – a lesson in French #AlexOLoughlin #H50

One of our dear followers on the blog, Dancing Diva (@DanseuseDiva), is a High School French teacher and Alex “assisted” her with some French/English anatomy lessons a few weeks ago.  We thought it might be fun to share with you.

From Dancing Diva:

“After Alex’s ‘twerking’ photo, I decided to create a ‘teachable’ moment for my students.  I am a high school French teacher and oddly enough, we are studying the parts of the body, sooo…what better example than Alex.  Well, I gave one of my advanced students an extra credit assignment to ‘label’ Alex as it were.  Can you match the words in French with the parts of the body?  Can you figure out which word is the French equivalent for ‘six pack?’  I had to smile when I did.  I will NEVER look at a Hershey milk chocolate bar the same way again.

la description physique

On a side note, I nominate her for Teacher of the Year.

The unedited version as well:

pic credit to @HawaiiFive0CBS (aka Alex O’Loughlin for the night) on twitter.

hawaii50cbs twitter

19 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday – a lesson in French #AlexOLoughlin #H50

  1. Always knew there must be a reason for me being a chocaholic!!!!! Wish I had had teachers like this one. Great idea.

  2. My French teacher was an old man in a bad wig… and we never did anything quite like this!! What a clever lady… also what a fine specimen of a man – he could teach biology (to explain why my knees are weak and my ovaries have exploded), chemistry (I like to think we would have some and I’m allowed to dream), history (to tell the story of all these ladies who used to have lives and panties before this FLR turned up, you know who you are)…in fact, I’m pretty sure there is nothing I wouldn’t let him teach me 😉

  3. My French would be a whole lot better if I had her as my teacher (and HIM in my StudyBook), *Teacher Of The Year* 😉 !!

  4. Where was Alex when I studied anatomy and physiology?? He would have made it so much more fun!! Thank you Dancing Diva for being such an out-of-the-box teacher!! I always knew there was a reason why I loved chocolate so much!!

  5. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it. It was fun using it that day in class. They remembered the vocabulary really well. When they figured out what “six-pack” was, one of my students popped off with the comment “You mean WHITE chocolate?” I tried not to laugh too hard but I don’t think I succeeded.

    Using the show this year has been good as well. The advanced students are able to follow about 80% of the dialogue in French so kudos to the writers for making a show that truly is accessible to all, no matter what the language.

    I’m also proud of my advanced student Elizabeth! She took this project on and surpassed my expectations! I told her that her project would be out there for all Alex fans to see. She smiled and laughed a bit when I told her that.

    Well off to teach the kiddies 🙂

    • hang on a second. your letting your students do a project on this?? um, i can’t type properly and i can’t spell properly because i’m in awe and shock. why couldn’t i have had a teacher like you when i was doing french and anatomy. omg

  6. I wished my French teachers would have used someone like Alex to teach me – I’m sure I’d still remember all of those words in the list twenty-five years after graduating from school but, instead, I have forgotten several of the words (I’m not sure if I ever learned all of them though – I should have since I studied French for quite a long time).
    Anyway, thanks so much to DancingDiva for sharing this wonderful and very effective lesson with us – Merci Beaucoup 😉

  7. Learning french or any other language with this type of subject is the most enjoyable and easy way to do it. I’m very sorry that none of my teachers had such a brilliant idea. DD knows to create interest in the matters with fun and i’m sure that her students (specially the girls) are enjoying the classes very much.

    Merci de partager cette histoire avec nous/Thank you for sharing this story with us.

  8. That’s what I call teaching vocation!!!…..I guess DD is a very creative and nice teacher and besides teaching french, she is recluting new fans for the show, the younger group in ratings that must grows up in fans…….clever!!!!. Mon Dieu, n’importe pas dans quelle langue, Alex, c’est le plus bel homme de tous le monde!!.
    DD: can I ask you something? Can you translate and teach US some other VERY important Alex’s corporal parts like tits, p0rnveins, chin dimple…….and FOY? I ‘m sure you have very funny and didactic terms, LOL!

  9. How you say? Oooo La La!

    I think I might have retained a LOT more French this way – or Spanish, Finnish and well hell, English.

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