Grappling Unlimited t-shirts designed by #EganInoue and #AlexOLoughlin on #AthleteOriginals

Thanks to @alavenia for the heads up on the listing!

Click here for ordering link:

Egan Inoue on Athlete Originals


Is that Dusty girl in the design? Hawaii Ohana. ❤️❤️❤️

17 thoughts on “Grappling Unlimited t-shirts designed by #EganInoue and #AlexOLoughlin on #AthleteOriginals

  1. I don´t like the doggy face (sorry Dusty, cause you are much prettier than that). There´s nothing that says Alex. I would love to see him draw his designs 🙂 I think I would rather have a tee with Alex´s face on it 😀

    • I thought about that too, that Dusty is usually smiling but considering what the Tshirt is advertising, smiling or Alex’s face probably isn’t the best way to go. lol. It fits for what it’s advertising, I think.

      Now a completely different line of T-shirts designed by Alex is all kinds of YES!!!

    • Me too, but remember it’s Egan’s place, not Alex’s 🙂

      if it had Alex’s face on it, how fast would they sell??

  2. I think it’s great that Egan is giving Alex credit for designing not only t-shirts but the designs to his new building, he didn’t have to do that and just shows how much he appreciates Alex and his friendship. 🙂

  3. Yep, Wanda, love Egan for that! 🙂

    But I don’t think it’s Dusty. Remember those other shirts Egan showed a few weeks ago? They can also be seen in the link ESS posted, if you scroll down a bit. There is also a small round emblem with a dog’s face. Some peeps on twitter asked Egan if it was Dusty, and he said, no, but the same breed. Hm…

  4. it doesn’t say anything about Alex but we know he helped to design them, so it’s great. I like the color very much….I’m gonna search at the link to see the others…..we can put it on a big pillow and dream it’s Alex……we only need a little bit of his sweat……sigh!……OMG!, now, besides Mcperv, I’m a Mcfetishistic, LOL!

    • I love it EU! They should sell the T Shirts he has already worked out in so we get his sweat on them! I too am McFetish I guess. 😛 Or he can wipe himself off with them afterwards. Then we’d all be guessing what area of his magnificent body the sweat came from. 😯

      • LOL, that’s even better!!! ….or we could ask for ” an special order” and choose that magnificient body part, the sweat comes from …..LOL!
        I guess Lurxgirl we could go to the same group terapy…….within 30 to 35 years…

  5. Anyone remember the Partridge Family? Danny selling Keith’s toothbrush to his fan girls? Have we come to this? 🙂

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