Editing pics from 4.08 H50

@Plenkov shared these last night on twitter

Thanks to @alexynay of AlexOLoughlin Journal for the heads up ❤

Chi is back! Squeee!!!

editing S4E08 kono

editing S4E08


10 thoughts on “Editing pics from 4.08 H50

  1. I hardly noticed Chi…cuz I’m distracted by Alex’s face. That’s a whole lotta scruff (me likey very much) and it looks like a leather jacket. Oh.my. I feel weak. *thud*

  2. Hahaha–remembering Alex’s interview about Chi, something about “that dude is huge!”

    Good eyes, Butter, it might indeed be SangMing (hope so, love that guy), he does owe her.

  3. It’s Chin. It’s one of the scenes they filmed in Vancouver two or three weeks ago. As far as I know Alex, Scott and DDK were there to film a few scenes, but I haven’t heard about Will Yun Lee being there, too. Would be great though!

    • I saw one or two tweets that said Alex was in Vancouver but he didn’t show up in any of the pics that emerged so I’m not positive he was there. Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks. If he was there, boo!! why didn’t we get pics??? lol!

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