Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin


This was never really one of my favorite pics, something felt *off* however today it’s like I’m seeing it with new eyes. Yum.

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  1. As soon as I read that you have felt something´s a bit off with this one, I had to tell you that I have always felt the same. I think that he looks a bit bored in this one. There´s a small frown on his mouth. He looks so lovely in this pic, but I still feel maybe another frame would have been better, with mouth relaxed…

  2. I never liked this one much either. My problem with it is that half of his face is in the dark. You can barely see one half of the two MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES IN ALL THE WORLD! With a face like that, what photographer thought that would be a good idea??

    • Hi and welcome!!

      I almost always have problems with the way photographers pose him. The best photos he takes are ‘action’ style shots or ones where he’s just himself.

  3. He does look slightly unlike himself in this one but strangely enough, that’s why this pic feels so fresh to me. I love the photo editing. And I suspect you’re trying to kill us all, ESS? 😉

  4. Agreeing, not a fave. I never knew quite what to make of this pic. He’s got Mick length hair, but not the Mick style, his demeanor is unusual for him, neither Alex nor Mick, and while it clearly is Alex, it is just an unfamiliar Alex. But it is a handsome picture and whatever you’ve done to it looks good, really clear, nice colors. It would be interesting to hear what he thinks of this pic.

    And speaking of colors, I have seen this with a pink shirt before, which I like even less… So this pic just has an odd history…

  5. Maybe I’m the only one, but I’ve always liked this pic because it is different. With his hair all messy, looks a little sleepy, maybe even annoyed, and that I’m-coming-for-you stare, it’s like he’s about to say, “We’re gonna go at it baby, but it’s not going to be sweet and tender. It’s going to be rough, hot, and hard.” 😛 Okay, maybe that’s just where my mind goes anytime I see him.

    • Hahaha! ILU babe 😉

      Ooh something you just said made me think of this! Though ironically it takes me in a completely opposite direction than you. His head is hanging too low. *OMG* i think thats it! It looks Like he’s defeated or something and thats not a look i’m used to seeing on him or apparently like seeing on him. Someone else says his eyes look blank and i think that ties in. He doesnt have the fire in his eyes that he has normally, whether its BAMF, passion or his daily *fire* it just seems missing and his body language feels defeated too. He’s such a larger than life presence whether he’s a character or just being Alex and i dont feel any of it in this photo. It’s just a photo of a stupidly handsome man. ❤️ Lol.

      Wow. Isn’t it funny how we all see something different?

      • Well Hell’s Bells I STILL think he’s beautiful here !! And it seriously has always been one of my fav Alex professional
        photos. Especially the full pic. I even made several graphics of it. I love what I love what can I say? ILU too hon! 🙂

  6. It’s not a fave – guess it’s the hair. He looks more like a model than himself, which isn’t him because he’s always so natural and smiling.

  7. I personally like this picture but then with this picture, all I see is Mick St. John and then I get all happy and tingly inside, and the happy thoughts that Mick brings to me! Oh I might, just might have to watch one or two episodes tonight!

  8. …We almost all agree is not a fav pic but your editing is great ESS!….I remember when I began to collect pictures of Alex and I found this one….I didn’t save it but later after I decide that I have to have all Alex pictures as possible and I have asked myself why I didn’t like it and I guess it’s the fact that it seems he’s annoyed….it’s not our beloved Mick with his melancholy beautiful and sweet look that speaks for itself and hammers into your soul….it’s not that sensual powerfull look of a vampire…..but the light in ^THIS^ editing pic reveals all his perfect facial features ( eyes, long nose, lips, chin dimple) that I bet I could do little things to Mick and making him smile……yupi!!!!

  9. It’s his “dead” eyes. No emotion. Trying to be hardass? Never a favorite of mine because of that and stringy hair, but seeing it this size it is a very compelling photo. His eyes follow you. Kind of spooky.

    I do love his mouth–loved it when he had his big front teeth, too bad he seems to have had them filed down when he got those silly veneers. Live and learn. 🙂

  10. I feel like I’m one of the very few who has yet to see Moonlight, so maybe I have no right to say anything. But I just feel like this isn’t him. I know it was from a time when the character he played was very different from the McGarret he portrays now, but I still have to say that seeing these old photos is like watching him grow into who he is now. When I see Alex now, I think he plays McGarret so well because it seems like him naturally. I don’t know. I don’t know him, obviously, but I think it would be very interesting to see Alex’s style when he had no character attachment. I know we get the beard, but would he keep the shorter hair, etc? The enigma of an actor I suppose! Three Rivers seemed kind of in between, but I love these later photos partly because I love his shorter hair, but also because he seems so much more natural and comfortable in his own skin and with life. Still a lovely photo and what matters, too, is that who and what he was before has made him who he is now.

      • I’m not totally into the vampire thing, but I would like to see it because it is a different type of work from Alex. I have liked a lot of his other work so it would be interesting to compare and contrast. It is my turn next on the Netflix rotation so maybe I should get it! I do kind of like Sleepy Hollow, so maybe I could get into Moonlight or maybe that’s like apples and oranges? I’ll let you know what I think after I watch it!

  11. @ASF: If anyone can attract the non-vampire fan, it’s Alex !! I hope you give Moonlight a try. I hadn’t watched anything from that genre before Moonlight, and haven’t since. IMO, all we need is Mick !!! lol If you’ve seen Alex’s other work, you’ll have noticed how different he is in each role. He seems like a totally different actor in HF-0, from how he was in Moonlight. Alex
    is that versatile.

  12. I have to say that I like this picture. It’s the brooding Mick. I’ve never been into the vampire genre, but Moonlight is my favorite TV show. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys seeing Alex playing different characters. And who doesn’t love the Mick and Beth romance!

  13. I don’t dislike it, don ‘t LOVE it either, just one of those pics that doesn’t have that normal AOL vavooom, at least from where I stand (sit?).

    And, regarding Moonlight – I hate all things vampire, and I loved Moonlight, I really think its the talent and magnetism of AOL that took it to the next level for me. And it could get a little goofy but really is entertaining. And now I feel the need to watch again!

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