H50 Pic Spam 4.04 – A ia la aku (From this day forward) #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

Wow! Loved this episode too! Season 4 is really hitting all the marks for me.  I thought this was a perfectly balanced episode and each cast member got to shine a bit, with our Alex leading the pack…like he does every week. 😉

I’ll probably write more on this episode later but for now I want to get a pic spam out. It’s a bit rushed this week but hopefully you’ll still find it a bit funny. I still enjoyed putting it together.

You know the drill, this is just me having some fun with a few favorite screencaps. They’re meant with humor and not disrespect or hate. They’re rarely plot related and mostly McGarrett centered. click on the first pic and scroll through, feel free to leave your own comments for fun.


32 thoughts on “H50 Pic Spam 4.04 – A ia la aku (From this day forward) #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

  1. I love your comments and so much going on here to appreciate. But your “for reasons” are my reasons and really the only reason we need a reason. From this day forward big sigh

    • So many reasons… 😉 I know why I love this blog! And if I were allowed to add… for reasons! ❤

      Thanks for all the great caps! And they will never make non-runny mascara. Where is the dramatics in that? 😉

  2. I really wanna have cath pulling steve on the floor and get all hot and bothered with him right there, next time he teases her like that (as far as i remember she has the moves too 😉 )
    I don’t care where they are! Absolutely NOT!

  3. I love all the pics and gifs and the comments, too – especially the ones about Hamster boy Billy (aka d-bag) who stands NO chance in stealing Cath from hottie Steve 🙂

  4. Thanks ESS great pic spam. I can’t get past the movie pics with Steve and Danny no matter how hard I try to watch the rest of the episode

    • That was a really great part of the episode. I really enjoy the bromance when it’s like this. Not when they’re blaming or being nasty to each other. If they keep this up I might fall in love with it again.

  5. Lots of unattractive snorty giggling here… This was soooo funny!

    Quick question is H50 S4E04_184 a tac vest over a shirt? Cos that makes me very happy if it is! Is it? Is it? Huh…huh….??

  6. On a side note, while screencapping the movie scene I saw way too many unattractive caps with Alex chewing and talking at the same time. Lol. He should fake eat if he’s going to be talking. O.o

    Yes, i finally found the unattractive pics of Alex!

  7. PERFECT pic spam honey!! I love it! I was wondering when the guy was heckling them why Steve didn’t do his perfect “Shut up!” or tell the guy he’s carrying a gun! LOL! As for Billy, I can’t wait to see Steve take care of him! I’d really like to see Steve beat the s**t out of him! Is that bad? 😉

    • Lol! I know, i wanted to see Steve wave his gun around crazy steve style but the fact had such a good sense of humor about it make me giggle with delight!! Alex has such great comedic timing I’m so happy to see him get to use it more. Plus it’s great character growth that McG could just laugh it off.

      If you’re bad, we’re bad together. #hellinahandbasket

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  8. Great pics !!! Thanks. Steve does everything with abandon, even eating, as we already know with the breakfast take-out. He should have had the popcorn-husk choke, though. That always happens to me !!!

  9. Another cool episode. Funny and happy Steve is always good to watch. This season is doing great so far. They are balance more efficiently the character’s storyline with the crime plot. I’m loving the carguments.

    Your Pic Spam is awesome. Thank you.

  10. Wonderful! I loved funny Steve and the way he teased Cath. And thank you for the Danny pic. I ❤ U!! I also loved all the Steve/Danny moments, but I didn't catch the "he thinks he can be Big Kahuna" look. Perfect!

  11. I love each episode!!!!…Just one thing: I understand Steve when he said that the com/rom movie was the less realistic thing he’s ever watched……because for me the less realistic thing that happened in this episode was the wedding at the hospital room, LOL! come on!!! BUT my wish came true: Sexy Steve with little cloth despite he continues using blue shirt……but this one was a baby blue that suits him so well….and the end, the end, the end!!!!.Steve looked at Billy like saying: “she’s mine,so you better back off …..”. I guess they said a lot to each other like male animals do., ..oh! Steve it’s a tiger, rawwwww, run HB!……sorry, I’m even not 12, I’m barely 8…….It’s a great Pic Spam!!!.

  12. Love to see the funny side of Steve when he tease Cath. They are so comfortable with each other, that’s what love is. I couldn’t agree more, Billy will be gone soon. Besides, nobody can take their love away. Your caption is great. Genius!

    • Thank you!

      I absolutely love how comfortable Cath and Steve are together. Alex and Michelle have terrific chemistry and it comes across in the characters. No one better get between my Steve and Cath or I will be on a flight to LA to kick peter’s ass. lol! I love that Steve is a loyal, honest and loving man…faithful to his woman. There should be more like him on TV.

      Also, Hi and Welcome!!

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