Extended promo for H50 4.05 -Kapu’ eu (Fallen Hero) #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

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Not much new but a little.


Thanks to Alex O’Loughlin Journal for the heads up! ❤️


50 thoughts on “Extended promo for H50 4.05 -Kapu’ eu (Fallen Hero) #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

  1. Can’t wait for this episode maybe a wake up call for steve, Danno’s right billy’s trouble babe sort him out ! just love this blog xx

  2. Well ESS it’s new enough to see clearly that Cath is shoot on her shoulder and she won’t die because:
    1. She’s not in the intense care unit.
    2. She’s not under mechanical ventilation
    3. She doesn’t have vasoactive amines through bomb infusions, she doesn’t have even a single peripheral vein access or any serum
    BUT, what I could see who’s “dying” and suffering is Steve, he will live the miserable anxiety and guilty of knowing he made Cath took that damm job and that he didn’t listen to his best friend, Danny, I guess he will begin to regret all about this………….he looks so sexy with that grey jersey……..but I don’t like to see him that way…..sorry, I guess that when you love really someone, you can’t bare seeing him suffering for any reason……yeah, yeah, yeah….I know it’s just a TV show but besides Mcperv, I’m a fool sentimental…..

    • @ EU: Well saying ❤ I love your "BUT".
      Catherine won't die for sure, because there will be a scene Catherine sees Steve wearing a towel (I bet it's her standing in front of him, even we can't see her face, I bet it's nobody but his Cath). So I don't worry much about Catherine, I'm eager to see the way Steve confronts with Catherine being shot.

      P.S: Somehow I want to see Steve laying in hospital bed and Catherine sits next to him, which exactly reverses to this photo. Steve always acts like "I have nothing to be scared of", I wanna see Steve suffers and Cath supports him. It must be fun to watch. Writers, please hear me out.

      How long is 6 days huhu? Freaking absolutely long ~~~

      • LuckyStar, it’s a long time til Fri! 😦

        I don’t know if that’s cath in that pic with McG in a towel, he looks too ‘surprised’ but I won’t be upset if it is. 🙂 Can’t wait to see that scene!

        Seeing Cath at hurt Steve’s bedside? ALL KINDS OF YES!! Though it reminds me about the way they brushed 2.10 under the carpet and never let Steve deal with any of it or anyone else really discuss it. Boo.

  3. Jill, I absolutely agree with you! 🙂

    Ok, I have another theory: Neither Cath (very obviously) nor Billy (not so obviously) will die. 😉 Maybe I’m wrong, but remember the episode switch? Now 4.04 is 4.05 and vice versa. That means, they filmed prod#4.04 (the ep we’re discussing at the moment) earlier than prod#4.05 (the ep we saw last Friday). Now, last Friday we had a very much alive Billy, in the ep that was filmed later. And next Friday we’ll see a very much dead Billy in the ep they filmed earlier? This could only happen if they filmed the Billy scenes for last Fridays episode subsequently when they knew they’ll switch episodes.

    Um, I know I’m weird… LOL

    • That still doesn’t bring us any further, WE HAVE TO WAIT! 😆 !!! I hate it (to wait) I want an ep every other day!!!

      • So that sounds great, a brand new episode of Hawaii Five-O every second day!! WOW!! Alex Overload – is there such a thing, I don’t thing so!!

        P.S. does this mean no fist fight between Steve and Hamster-boy??

    • Good point miracle….or maybe that’s why they switched the episodes? They could have tweaked it a little, which could be why some scenes were advertised being in one episode but showed up in another…

  4. I don’t think it’s Billy shooting Cath, because he’s the one with the gun, but there’s also machine gun fire! Who knows, maybe Steve shoots Cath accidently. And then Billy’s got all the odds on his side, drawing Cath away from Steve with all kind of kinky methods!

  5. We will have a very long week ahead of us, waiting for next friday. I was already anxious about this episode because we will have Steve in white dress uniform, but this promo is killing me. My wish is that Billy is killed and we have a funeral, but we know that usually Mr. Lenkov doesn’t make the storyline simple and easy for our beloved Commander.

    Please Ess, keep making awesome posts with amazing pics and gifs to try to distract us from our watches and calenders until friday. Thank you.

  6. A question why most of fans want Billy dead. I dont want Billy to die. Just because he may interfere between Catherine and Steve and Catherien and Steve relationship is like untouchable by anyone? .Catherien and Steve are not the perfect couple, they may have their ups and downs like any relationship. It makes no sense to bring this Billy character to the show to sitr things up and see a developing story of hm and Catherine how they work together and how that affects Catherine and Steve relationship, only to kill him off that soon? It makes no sense at all to kill his character off. I dont wnt Billy to die at all I want to see him more in the show to see what is he up to, what is his agenda bad or good. I be upset if the writers go to the direction to kill him off. No way

  7. Hi and welcome!

    For me personally, my comments about Hampster Boy (Billy) is mostly sarcasm. This blog is based around humor and my humor is sometimes dark. I get that its not everyone’s cup of tea. My death to Billy comments are not a reflection on the actor or meant to cause any hurt feelings. I have been a fan of the Steve/Cath relationship since day 1 and now that the writers are finally letting it take off, I’m super happy. So anyone that comes between them will get my *wrath* as far as my wrath will take me on a TV show. 😉

    I think Billy is smarmy, has a suspicious agenda and he throws jabs out at McG at every chance he gets while McG is TRYING to be the bigger person (he is). He’s even calling himself the Big Kahuna. Really? Ugh. So yeah, we are supposed to dislike and distrust this character. That’s what he was brought in for. I was against him at first but I like what they’ve done with the storyline. That said, it doesn’t need to go on much longer IMO. 6 episodes is enough (he was in 3.24 so I’m counting that one too).

    Also, don’t forget sometimes story lines are lengthened or shortened because of an actor’s choice or their career or personal issues. I see that Justin just did a TV pilot and is in several other shows this year. He’s a busy man and may not want to commit to a longer story arc on H50. Just like Catherine was always supposed to be in the show and her and McG were always supposed to be together in a relationship but in S2, Michelle got the Combat Hospital role so they started a storyline to write her out or keep her gone for awhile. Thankfully that show ended and we now have our Cath full time and I think what we’re seeing is what they were meant to be all along. No, they’re not perfect but honestly that’s one of the things I love about them together.

    • I love your sarcasm….specially against HB….and I consider you are even sweet to call him hamster boy when HB could means Horrendous Billy, for example…….I call him in spanish IB….. and it’s much much hard eventhough I’m a fool sentimental …..LOL!, I’m joking……I guess we all know your blog is around humor and we get it they are characters…but we need do some catharsis too…..

    • Another option. Wow, we’re getting pretty creative because of this episode and its promo. Maybe we should sign up as writers? Live and work in LA (ok, some of us are do this yet), every now and then a trip to Hawaii to see how our episodes turn into films…

  8. HOLY Hannah!! I have to wait Five days now to see this episode! Not fair, Not fair!! 😮

    Just read above comment from HeyD50 – Huh?? Hamster is gone already, that lasted long, I guess Danno got it wrong huh??

  9. Maybe Steve has to wear a sweater because hospitals rooms are cold?? Arent hospital rooms with air conditioning?

  10. I dont want Billy to die I I like that twist in Steve and Catherine relationship, not everything is peachy and rosy when it comes to a couple. I want to see mor of how Billy and Catherien will work together now that we know she is working for him, no sense at all to kill him off so soon and we havent even really see them working like together and also we havent really see how the relationship is affecting Steve and also her. I dotn like implied stories I want to see them on screen.

    • I also would like them to play this out a bit longer, but it’s thin ice for the writers. Some fans already complained last season about the Steve/Cath relationship, too cheesy, too soapy etc etc. Now, IF Billy survives 4.05, they have to take care about not to turn the relationship into a soap opera by producing a love triangle nobody really wants. IF Billy survives they have to watch out to get their act together on that.

        • Yep! Thats the right term and i agree. Even for me, someone who loves the Steve/Cath relationship…i’m happy to see that steve has some vulnerability. It makes him a better character and it shows how much he loves Cath. That said, now we’ve seen it, no need to drag it out…move on less it start to fall into this love triangle/angsty situation which will make me bang my head on a wall.

          So far i like what they’ve done but i don’t need to see a whole season of it. Lets get them settled and move forward.


      • Of course I dont want this Billy/Catherine/Steve to go all the way to season finale, but at least give the plot some time to develop, not just like that kill the character off without even really seeing the story unfold and develop that is what I dont want Billy to die just now is too soon and if he has to go from the show later in the season, why it has to be by death once again? No more deaths plizzz in the show (Jenna, Malia, Gov. Jamieson). There has to be another way to make a character go, death is not always the solution to make a person go away, that is the easy and coward way.

        • I don’t totally disagree but this is H50 and it’s not really about HB and Cath/McG (though I’d totally watch that spin-off lol), it’s just a subplot so I think they have given it all the time they’re going to give it. I mean, they didn’t even give McG being tortured in NK more than one line in a 2nd episode. lol (i’m still bitter about that)

          I could be wrong, I just don’t think they’ll drag it out much longer and if they do, i just hope it’s not too long. Another episode or two, max.

        • I agree there are nicer ways to write a character out of a film/series.With the pictures we’ve seen so far for this episode we assume there will be a death and a funeral or at least a ceremony related to a funeral, with military honors. That’s why we assume it could be Billy.

          Would like to know if the press release for 4.07 is out. Justin/Billy isn’t mentioned as recurring for 4.06. How about 4.07?

  11. I agree with HeyD50’s theory
    It’s evident that the injury is not serious, I think most of the actors of the show have been shot in the arm/shoulder, right? So, although I think Steve is clearly concerned about Cath, his greatest concern and anxiety should be another, like having to give bad news to her.

    • ” most of the actors of the show have been shot in the arm/shoulder, right” – that made me laugh….because it’s true. lol!

      ooh, I hope this bad news theory is correct. I can totally get behind that!

  12. So now we know who died at the end. And Im not so happy about it. I wanted Billy longer in the show. We practically did not see Ctherine and Billy working together. Not happy about the direction the writers took on Billy. After all teh buzz of making him appeared on the show just to kill him off that soon. IU wanted to see more development in his story wth Catherine and how that affected Steve it was a good twist.

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