#AlexOLoughlin working at Egan’s studio today #IHHNID

Thanks to Egan Inoue who shared this on his FB page today.  What a man..

“Alex grinding away at his designed concrete bench. #h50 #eganinoue #Eganstrainingcenter


How much do I love his sock game in the face of all his handy man work? Never change, Alex. Never change. 😉


29 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin working at Egan’s studio today #IHHNID

  1. OMGooooood!………………..nowdays, men usually don’t learn or even worst are not interested in learning these skills……..and usually husbands are “decorative” men at home…..wow! Alex is a real and unique man in the whole extension of that word……I do love this pic even more than any of the photoshoots, he’s not posing, he’s working!!!, he’s making something!!!……unff!!!

  2. Egan is a very lucky man for having such a great friend, instead of being home relaxing from a hard week he is helping his friend. Alex is such an amazing man and these little things are one more proof.

  3. This is wonderful, the more i think about egan and how he might benefits from alex’s friendship, i came to conclusion that this might be both sided, i think alex/egan share a deep friendship because egan helped alex at a time, when he was very vulnerable! And hey, they made a great job in getting alex healthy, happy and mentally fit again!
    I sincerely hope my words came out the right way!
    Btw thanks for the pic!!

    • ” i think alex/egan share a deep friendship because egan helped alex at a time, when he was very vulnerable! And hey, they made a great job in getting alex healthy, happy and mentally fit again!” – good point, buttercup! that’s beautiful and I cannot disagree with it at all.

  4. I love a man who knows how to build and fix stuff. But I also think he should wear protective gloves. That grinding blade looks too close to his skin. Don´t get hurt! And he is not wearing the ear plugs!

    I would watch this movie “Alex working on Egan´s gym” 😉

  5. Alex likes to keep busy 🙂
    I love hands on man!
    maybe because like EU said most men are quite useless at that LOL
    Buttercup I agree with you about Alex’s friendship with Egan. Alex loves hanging out with him and i’m sure it’s mutually beneficail

    • Yes, I consider Alex as a species of man on the path of extinction….here in my country, there’s a company called ” husbands for rent” it’s a company where you can hire a “husband” to get to your home and fix little things of carpentry, plumbing or electricity and as I said little things not to building a house….and believe me, It’s a sucessful company, LOL!!!

      • I don’t know where you live hun but it’s pretty much the same here in the UK 🙂 I talk from first hand experience since my hubby can’t really do much in the house. Pity cause his dad instead is a very good handyman but he didn’t inherited the skill.

  6. I truly love him for all that he’s doing for others, but sometimes I’m also afraid that he’ll demand too much from himself – again. Although I know where his need to do something comes from.

    Someone who had the opportunity to visit the set the week before SOTB and to meet him there said he looked very tired and exhausted. He himself said he was tired because it’s been a hard week of work. That was the day before he flew to LA (Saturday) to promote the show over the weekend (press conference, Q&A video, The Talk, EW interview and I don’t know what else). He flew back to Hawaii on Monday and was on set again on Tuesday. He knows how important it is to promote the show, so he did what he had to do, but sometimes I wish it wouldn’t be THAT hard.

  7. Yeah, Miracle I have my suspicions too about why is he throwing himself so hard into his job and this project…….I just hope he could be able of rationalise what’s really worth and takes Egan’s proyect as a hobby or a way of sharing with one of his good friend, I think Egan is for Alex, but also take some time only for himself….I know work is therapeutic but it’s not everything in life…..

  8. I actually think Alex enjoys practical work 🙂
    Putting together his creative mind with the practical results that com from it.
    Like designing a desk and then building it himself. He did the same with most of the deck in his own house.
    A very handy man (pardon the pun) to have around

    • I got your point, Manu… And agree he’s got a very creative mind, indeed he’s a innate artist…..each day, I admire him more and more <3!!!
      PS: I was talking too for my first hand experience…sometimes, my bell rings and the "hubby" asks: "who is it" and I respond with a sarcastic smile " the husband I hired that comes to fix the kitchen tap….or the switch….or the roof leak….and he has to keep quiet, bitting his tongue, LOL!!!

    • “I actually think Alex enjoys practical work ” agreed. He probably doesn’t see it so much as work as it is an outlet for his creativity which makes it practical and very ‘unwork’ like.

  9. Alex has said in the past that he likes to keep busy. Maybe with all the work going on for the new gym they haven’t had time to train and this hard labor seems to be what he loves and it may help him with the mental grind. We saw on Ellen that he was working on building the deck on his house. Maybe he needs an outlet for his creative juices other than acting. There are different kinds of relaxing and I am sure this type of physical labor is a great stress reliever for him or he wouldn’t be doing it. His home and his family and now this may keep him grounded and he seems to be totally making Hawaii his home even if (knock on wood) H50 doesn’t continue.

  10. Thank you for showing us that Alex is a real Mr. Fix it! I like that he can be creative in other areas and helps his friend at the same time.

  11. I think he enjoys working with his hands (which I love). He seems to need to be busy, maybe because of his ADHD. I just hope he gets to rest now and then.

  12. I’m sure he has said in the past that physical things help his ADHD. He is better able to control it if he keeps active. It’s sooo sexy watching a man do this sort of stuff. Of course there are other physical things I’m sure I could help him with. Unfff!!

  13. This is so great to look at!! Your comments made me giggle – yes, ESS, he’s totally posing for the pic; and yes, Paula, I’d also LOVE a movie (or maybe a TV series ?) Alex working on Egan’s gym 😉 !

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