***SPOILER*** CBS Promo for 4.05 – Kupu’eu (Fallen Hero) #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

CHI IS BACK! I have no words to the rest…

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    • The description of the episode according to CBS is that the case will turn *deadly* so someone is going to die. Of course, I’ve watched SVU for 14 yrs and I’m used to them over dramatizing promos with the characters and it turns out to be nothing. lol.

  1. It also seem to me as well that Billy shot Cath but by accident as perhaps he confused her with the enemy and since the incident happened at nite maybe he cot confused and got in the crossfire so he shot her byt not on purpose. Like on her shoulder I believe. But im confued for the title Fallen hero. Maybe the Fallen Hero is Catherine in the hospital? But I always understood that the term Fallen Hero means when a solder, a police,firefighter etc is dead in the line of duty that is my assumption

      • Mine too! And I hope he will be fallen and gone for good! I don’t want my Steve to think he could lose someone. Again.
        Go away HB, go away!!!

        • I don’t think billy’s the fallen hero, would he have a navy funeral ceremony?
          My guess, it’s the “case of the week” a man cath has her protection assignement for, someone we don’t really know!
          We saw cath and steve at the ceremony in the promotional pics and she didn’t have an injury, so her getting shot must be later!

  2. I’m pretty sure watching Steve suffering at Catherine’s bedside is going to KILL me. And I predict the ugly cry is less than 7 days away.

  3. I’d say arm, but maybe also somewhere else we can’t see. I mean, I don’t know how that is, but I think you don’t faint immediately if you got shot through your arm, don’t you? At least not someone who is a trained ex soldier like Cath. But please tell me I’m wrong and it’s just her arm!

    • I had the same thought, she fainted, means she got hit somewhere vital, who can tell!
      But that long-sleeved grey pullover is going to be so hot!

  4. This is going to be the most hard week for us all!
    I can’t believe THEY’re giving us so much yummy in every ep!
    It’s like someone has studied the Bamf-site and the AOL Intense Study site all summer long!

  5. Maybe Cath doesn’t wake up for a few eps (I think Kono will be back) – we had so much McRoll, we really are spoiled, I’m a little bit frighten that something severe happen to her!

  6. WOW seems very intense! Maybe sweet Billy will turn out to be a bad guy? Or maybe he gets shot as well as Cath but he is worse off. Alex is going to give us one great emotional performance, I’m sure of that 🙂

    • Billy IS the bad guy – either way 😉
      And suffering Steve/emotional Alex combined with this grey jersey is an sincere attempt to kill me!

  7. That’s exactly what I thought Wanda! HB shot her – hopefully accidentally. But I wonder if the shot was meant for Steve and Cath got in the way. HB thinking if he can’t have her, no one can!

  8. I mean I herd some fans saying that Billy may be the one dying in that ep and Catherine is only wounded, of course she wont die cause there are not news that Michelle is leaving the show so im bet she is only wounded. On the other hand why Alex is in formal uniform, and Catherine is wearing black? Attending what soldier funeral if it is a funeral, we are only guesing it is a funeral they are attending.

    But if Billy dies it makes no sense why bring a charcter to stir things up betweem Ctherine and Steve only to kill him just like 3 episodes later, it is stupid in my view. We have to see a development of how Catherien and Billy works together and how that relationship is affecting Steve, I mean a continuation. Not just bring Billy and 2 episodes later he is killed off. and we did not really see Billy doing his job It is ridculous if the writers want to approach that way. I know he has a hidden agenda so is why we also have to see a development on that as well, that is why I dont want Billy to die, I want to see his sotry on the show develop..

    • Hampster Boy was introduced in 3.24 so IF he dies in 4.05 that would mean he’s been around 6 episodes. That’s 1/4 of a season. Long enough IMO. As I mentioned on another post here, don’t forget some of these actors have other stuff going on and may not want to commit to a longer story arc. Justin’s IMDB for this year is very busy so he may be using H50 for experience and promotion but ready to do something else, if he’s not already. He just did a TV pilot.

  9. I need to see this epi now! Catherine is on some kind of monitor which makes it seem like it’s more than an arm wound. But, Steve/Alex in the gray sweater is hot.

  10. “Tom Harrington”” if he is an ex seal as well that would make it possible that Steve . Catherine and Billy attend HIS funeral and that could be the “Lead in ” to the story. just another theory ladies. Either wait this will be an incredible episode I’m thinking!!!!

  11. Every episode is better than the previous and we have been spoiled in everyone…..but since last night I ‘m asking myself how long will Steve bear the anxiety of thinking what could happen between his girl and HB….I guess the wise words of Danno are finally hammering into his brain……I guess not Billy nor Cath will die, anyway neither of them could be considered as heros since they not belong to the army anymore …. So we have to wait a whole week!!! Now, I’m also asking myself if I’m gonna bear and survive seeing Steve surffering!!!!…..

  12. What if the term fallen hero is just mean that a former navy person was hsot like Catherine in this case? What if Adam is the fallen hero, has anyone thought of that as the episode summary said that Adam will make the ultimate sacrifice to save Kono. I dont want to see Billy die he is just in the show we need to see more of him it makes no sense if the writers kill him off that soon.

    • I *guess* they could make Adam the hero if he saves Kono, though 2 wks ago he couldn’t find his own ass in a fight. Kono had to do all the work. Either way it wouldn’t make the Navy ceremony about him. Of course we’re only assuming this is a funeral scene and that the ‘hero’ they’re talking about. It could be much more vague like they discover HB has a bad agenda. That would be a fallen hero. Fallen from grace.

      I dunno. It’s going to be interesting! can’t wait to see it all play out.

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