It’s time for Hawaii Five-0 Bingo!!! #H50 by @Kimphin1

It’s TGIFive-0, and you know what that means…

Let’s play some Five-0 Bingo!

Last spring we debuted some new Five-0 BINGO cards that had been updated for the season 3 finale. Well, this year we have another updated set, and will be adding more!

We have 6 cards ready to use, so choose one of them, print it out, and mark off the spot whenever you see something happen. Come back to this page tomorrow and let us know how you did!

Good Luck!

**editing to add — OF COURSE the center square is a free space… Steve ALWAYS drives!**

Maholo to our good friend Sage (@fangirlsage) for coming up with the idea to update the cards she originally found on

Special thanks to Momo, Steph, Sage, and Ess for helping me come up with some of the bingo square events!


16 thoughts on “It’s time for Hawaii Five-0 Bingo!!! #H50 by @Kimphin1

  1. Bummed my printer wouldn’t work. But I’m going to print them at work and play all season long!! I’ll start w/epi 2!

  2. Okay, got a question, do we get new card every week or we play these cards, cuz McGarrett in full Dress White Uniform on T.V. screen and I won’t be posting for a few days, it might take me a bit to recover!!

    • I’m going to be adding and possibly modifying the cards as necessary as we go along. I’ll send the post out every Friday… use the ones you already have, or pick a new one!

      Also… the McG in uniform square… we are all anticipating being able to mark that one!

  3. Okay, Kim, I almost had a Five-O bingo last night, but it was Cath who asked Steve for the favor, not Steve asking Cath, time to update the cards 😉
    oh and update, Bad guys drive a Dodger Charger (Hamster) – just a suggestion! 😉

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