#H50 Rap Sheet Ep 4.04 A ia la aku – **SPOILERS**

Episode 4.04
A ia la aku “From this Day Forward”


  • Synopsis: Five-0 investigates the murder of a wedding crasher, and their prime suspect is the runaway bride.  Meanwhile, Danny makes a big decision regarding his relationship with Gabby, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 18 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
  • Recurring Cast:
    Ian Anthony Dale     (Adam Noshimuri)
    Teilor Grubbs     (Grace Williams)
    Autumn Reeser     (Gabby Asano)
    Justin Bruening     (Billy Harrington)
  • Guest Star:
    James Adam Lim     (Yori)
    Briana Lane     (Dahlia Swain)
    Alex Asbaugh     (Nathan Cotchin)
    Rebecca De Mornay     (Barbara Cotchin)
    Bruce Nozick     (Allen Kingston)
    Greg Collins     (Victor Wyatt)
    Lawrence Kao     (Ty Amano)
    Shelbie Koch     (Maid of Honor)
    Raleigh Craighead     (Best Man)
    JT Netterville     (Security Guard)
    Ray Oda     (Chaplain)
    Manoa Strings     (Wedding Quartet)
  • Writers:     Christina M. Kim and David Wolkove
  • Director:   Bryan Spicer

BTS, promos, and official photos: CBS.com, @PLenkov  and additional sources as captioned:

Clip 1 from CBS: Double Date Night!

H50 4.04 Movie Night on Vimeo

Clip 2 from CBS: Chin laying down the law to Adam!

H50 4.04 promo Kono and Adam on Vimeo


14 thoughts on “#H50 Rap Sheet Ep 4.04 A ia la aku – **SPOILERS**

    • Thanks! I like being able to know “about” when an episode was filmed. In this case, approximately the last week of August – some were filmed the previous week, but most the 20th-28th as far as i can tell.

      • The previous week? No, not that I know, at least not the main crew. There is a pic taken 08/19/13 with Jeffrey Hunt who directed 4.05 (prod #4.04). But maybe the second unit did some “background” filming? The last pics I saved for this ep (4.05) were taken 08/29/13.

        Thanks for the synopis, Kim! 🙂

  1. Thanks kim, wonderful!
    ACA ESS! I can’t see any recent comments – has that option changed? The same on Paula’s page!

  2. I still wonder why Cath and Gabby look scared in that pic if they were watching a rom-com. That’s why initially I thought this might be the Halloween ep and it would be a scary movie…
    plus how did they end up sitting together when they were at the far side of the boys in the clip.
    I’m really curious now 🙂

  3. HOLY HANNAH!! We get a whole episode of Steve in Jeans again!! WOW.. Wardrobe what happened?? Thank you, thank you!!

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