Egan shares a few pics working on the new gym #AlexOLoughlin

From Egan’s Facebook and twitter yesterday:

I like the windows in the big room and the way they offset the doors. Simple and clean lines but visually interesting.




11 thoughts on “Egan shares a few pics working on the new gym #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Great design. Handsome and clever hunk that he is. He can rearrange my furniture any time he likes………sigh

  2. Why do these pics give me such a spectacular case of the warm and fuzzies! Hot hunk, great actor, fabulous dad/family man and great friend! Sigh indeed….

  3. I love the girls taking pic’s of dat a$$ in the 2nd picture where they are unloading Alex’s new desk 🙂

  4. I agree, ESS, the windows are “visually stimulating”–to keep your mind moving and your workout routine from getting stale maybe? Wonder if that’s Egan’s office. Or Alex’s private changing room. Not too worry about people seeing in, the windows would be all steamed up outside the office, from the pack of McPervs pressed up against it and their heavy breathing. Perhaps they should place a portable defibrillator on the wall there.

  5. I think Alex has put his heart and soul into this project for his friend. I actually went down this street and didn’t realise the new gym was there

  6. I guess we can not say enough to express how wonderful human being Alex is…..I know Egan takes this as an advantage for his business but I hope he realizes how blessed he is having a friend like Alex…..his friendship is a treasure <3!

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