Calling it now, H50 4.08 will kick ass! @Plenkov shares editing pic #AlexOLoughlin

Must be from the week of SOTB where Alex and Chi were horseback riding up on the north shore. Can’t wait for this epi!!



24 thoughts on “Calling it now, H50 4.08 will kick ass! @Plenkov shares editing pic #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Be quiet my heart! Steve ‘Roy Rogers’ McGarrett!
    And after this, please please please PTB let him play his guitar at a campfire! I will die very happy!

  2. It is from SOTB day! I’m laughing because – remember the picture with Chi on the “horse” as, in… not a real horse?

    To quote myself from season 2 – “McG ON A HORSE!!!! McG ON A HORSE!!!!!”

    sooo good.

  3. Some friends of mine have actually seen them filming this scene 🙂
    Two other friends and I were lucky enough to be background extras for another scene I think of this episode, but that scene was at the airport.
    I will tell you if we are actually there or if we end up on the cutting room floor….
    Nearly ended up on the airport floor when Alex said “Hi” to us but that’s a different story LOL

  4. So they are about 8 episodes ahead then or doing parts of it at a time!
    Lucky horse, lucky Alex, I would love to do that.. Haven’t ridden a horse in years!!

  5. I know everyone is excited to see him ride that horse. I am too. But I’m way more excited about seeing him dismount…cuz those pants look like they’re painted on. GUH!

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