CBS proclaims Friday night’s Crime Block a success #H50 #BlueBloods #AlexOLoughlin

We don’t normally post “news” on the blog but I know the move to Friday night worried a lot of fans.  This was just released by CBS today and thought our non-social medial friends would like to see the good news as well. 

From CBS Press Express:


Hawaii Five-0



Both Series Notching Time Period Increases in Viewers and Key Demos

“Five-0” Also Up in Viewers Over its Year-Ago Monday Performance

          CBS’s Friday lineup is posting across-the-board growth paced by its new 9:00-11:00 PM crime block of HAWAII FIVE-0 and BLUE BLOODS, according to Nielsen most current ratings through the first three weeks of the season.

          At 9:00 PM, the newly relocated HAWAII FIVE-0 has boosted the year-ago time period by +27% in viewers (10.54 from 8.28m), +64% in adults 18-49 (1.8 from 1.1) and +63% in adults 25-54 (2.6 from 1.6).  HAWAII FIVE-0 is also up +14% in viewers versus its year ago Monday average (from 9.25m).

       At 10:00 PM, BLUE BLOODS is posting year-to-year growth of +8% in both viewers (12.40m from 11.44m) and adults 25-54 (2.6 from 2.4) and  +13% in adults 18-49 (1.8 from 1.6).  

       At 8:00 PM, UNDERCOVER BOSS  is winning its time period in viewers (8.24m) and adults 25-54 (2.1).

       Compared to Friday last year, CBS is up +9% in viewers (10.39m from 9.57m), +21% in adults 18-49 (1.7 from 1.4) and +25% in adults 25-54 (2.5 from 2.0).

29 thoughts on “CBS proclaims Friday night’s Crime Block a success #H50 #BlueBloods #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I am sooooo HAPPPY!!!!!!! This season has really been great for me so far, I’m glad that its working out. I hope that this means that H50 and Blue Bloods can enjoy the Friday night timeslots for a few years!

  2. I know everyone was very afraid of the move, but I couldn’t be happier with the it and with the results! I have a feeling H50 is going to be around for a long while! YAY!!

  3. I always figure this is network spin for the advertisers, but if they are happy I am ecstatic. Gotta admit BB puts me to sleep, but I am happy for both shows. And mostly happy for us! 😉

    • For the advertisers? No, don’t think so, since according to Les Moonves Friday is more a viewer night, not a demo night.

      You just have to look at the ratings each week: High viewer numbers (second most, about 9,5mio, of the night behind BB, and as stated in the CBS release the same amount or even more than last season), but in relation to for example Shark Tank (which I think only got 5-7 mio viewer each night, but a demo around 1.8) low demo (1.5) in the 18-49 segment, which means the H50 audience is “older” than the one of Shark Tank and doesn’t hit the group which is important for the advertisers.

      Sorry, does this make sense? It’s not easy to explain those things in German – let alone in English. 😉

      • Hee! Since we are not a Nielsen family, I kinda ignore most of that stuff. I do know watching Show OnDemand as well as thru my DVR within the first 3 days can help boost “audience”. So that’s what I do. 😉

        • That’s new to me! I thought that all ratings are based on Nielsen families, Live+3/7 DVR as well as the overnight and final ratings, and overall viewership too.

      • McNERD!! 🙂

        I say it’s a gain. It’s a pretty big gain for H50 itself and a smaller gain for the other two shows. Any way you chalk it up, it’s a win/win/win.

        Whether that gives them one more year or 5 more years, who knows? CBS cancelled Without a Trace when it won it’s timeslot every Tuesday. Why? because it was an older show which meant more salary $$. H50 will eventually be there too and no amount of ratings will keep it profitable to CBS when their next big thing comes along with cheaper salaries. Right now I’d venture to say CSI, The Good Wife, The Mentalist or even Undercover Boss will go down before H50 especially if the Friday night crime block proves to be solid.

        • McNERD? Maybe… 😀

          Yes, it is a gain. Friday move is the best thing that could happen to H50. I totally agree with you about those four other shows. And I think BB and H50 are a perfect match and will stay solid this season. *fingers crossed* McNERD on! This weeks final rating for H50 actually has been a tenth higher than BB’s and thus the highest rated CBS show of the night and second best of the night behind The Shark Tank. McNERD off!

  4. Um, that’s exactly what I predicted. Not the exact numbers, but that they’ll do well in their new time slot and maybe even better than in S3. Don’t ask me why. I had a feeling. 😉 So happy to see that my feeling wasn’t wrong!!! *happy dance*

    Ok, we’re only 3 eps in, and the new – and I think most important – competition in the 9pm hour, Grimm, will premier Oct. 25th with their I don’t know which season, but there is hope we’ll survive this, too. Do I sound a little bit pessimistic? No, not at all! 😉

    Oh, one question btw: Last week, was there sports on somewhere? I think I read something about baseball? Or football? Or am I totally wrong?


    The stories and characters seem better this year than last–maybe that is helping also.

  6. As H50 and BB have according to CBS an older demographic the viewers numbers may stay up but the demo may go down when Grimm and Dracula premiere. I am actually hoping the younger viewers for those two shows will come from The Shark Tank and 20/20, wishful thinking I know but still hoping. Numbers are looking good for Friday’s 🙂

  7. Finally CBS actually posting some news on H50 and that its so good!

    I have to say I am so sick of hearing (on other sites) to “wait till the real competition starts” H50 will crater, blah blah. Well thanks for blowing out my birthday candles! So sorry the ratings didn’t suck right out the gate but I guess those types have to scrape the bottom of the hate barrel.

    Plus I have to believe Grimm isn’t much competition, at least in the long run, but what do I know, I don’t watch it.

  8. Bravo! Hurra! Yes! My heart is jumping, dancing, singing…..I hope H50 can increase younger viewers llittle by little…remember we’re gonna have one of the Jonas Brothers and he could be the hook to gain them…..hope H50 lasts many seasons more !

  9. Love Hawaii Five-O , miss Magnum P.I. – Oh Tom Selleck brings back lots of memories!! *big sigh*

    Congrats to CBS!!

  10. Grimm starts Season 3 on Friday the 25th. Followed by Dracula! A different kind of Block of shows! Gonna record them and watch H50! So glad CBS is continuing to do so many promos! They never did for Mondays but like Peter said it was hard to gets ad $! I am really liking Five0Fridays!

    • You’re right. The block of Grimm + Dracula may be a block to be reckoned with but those shows will appeal to a specific demographic of people. I can’t see them having mass appeal. Isn’t the vampire thing getting a little passe’ now?

      • I think it’s so funny that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is playing a vampire now. Wonder if he’s still friends with Alex and if he asked Alex for advice. No way JRM’s vampire will ever compare to AOL’s Mick. So so funny . . .

  11. Hope this success continues. I just want more and more H50 so there’s more and more Alex. Don’t know much about U.S. ratings etc. but it sure sounds like good news to me.

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