White Hot Wednesday #AlexOloughlin

Yummy white T shirt!


The only credit we could find was “Delicious Alex O’Loughlin Facebook” … and, yes! I totally agree! If it’s your photo, let us know and we will credit further.


20 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOloughlin

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  2. Youngish Alex…..sigh! . Besides it is a white shirt, it has a V neck that doesn’t fit well in most of the men but in Alex makes his neck look so sexy strong and the patch of chest hair is just Ahhhhh! …. Angels curls on his head…..another accesorie I like he uses are glasses…..he still had ink on his forearms…oh! My I can go on with every little detail…….this pic is refresh eyedrops for me. TY!

  3. I’m not usually fond of his long hair, but my panties are telling me to “think again” with this delicious pic! His young and sexy body has inspired a MIND BLOWING meaningless sex FANTASY! Sorry, but that t-shirt doesn’t stand a chance with my cougar claws and I might tug on those beautiful locks a little too hard. MMMMmmm…that open mouth is soooo inviting. S&T

  4. I’m sure I haven’t seen this picture before, but also looks somehow familiar… Maybe taken in December 2006 at the Clovelly Hotel in NSW? Or around that date?

    *sigh* White shirt, tattoos and Mick-hair. I’m in heaven…

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