Thank You – from H50BAMF

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I’m back – Finally! Lol! It’s been a wonderful 2+ weeks of vacation where I’ve seen majestic sights, met some great friends and spent quality family time. ❤️

Major Mahalos to my girls Kim and Deb who made sure H50BAMF did not go dark and did a kick ass job keeping the themes rolling and all the new treats posted. Can I get a round of applause for them? *take a bow girls* For anyone who has blogged you know it’s a time consuming task and I’m grateful to have friends who kept the ball rolling including a few of you who gave permission to use your personal pics/vids from SOTB as well our many friends who are our eyes and ears and keep us notified of new treats. Mahalo!!

During the last two weeks we blew past the 3,000 follower mark and have welcomed many new commenters to the blog. Welcome and thank you!!

We don’t hold posts for *likes*, don’t beg for followers and have never claimed to be first or all inclusive to H50. We’re just a couple of fangirls who want to support Alex O’Loughlin’s career and have a little fun along the way. We figure if WE are having fun then you might too and to be honest, in the grand scheme of things, I think that’s the important part.

Thank you to my fellow blogs and bloggers who realize we have the same goal and that’s to see our fave actor/show have a long healthy career and promote the Ohana spirit by sharing, crediting and teamwork.

I’m especially thankful for our members who are smart and witty and who aren’t afraid to let their hair down and have a laugh at me, at themselves and at whatever project Alex is currently working on. You make it all worth the effort! *big hugs*

Now….back to the real world. 😉 please be patient with me while I catch up on all the emails, comments, tweets and posts. Y’all are some chatty peeps and I ❤️ ya for it!


24 thoughts on “Thank You – from H50BAMF

  1. Welcome back Ess! I hope you’re refreshed and relaxed! You and your team of pervs, sorry Ladies, do a fabulous job – so that thank you is right back at you, the team and all those who comment! I consistently crack up at my desk at work… ROUND OF APPLAUSE ALL ROUND!


  2. You were gone?? Just kidding, glad your had a great Holiday, now get to work! 😉

    Mahalos to Kim and Deb, they did a great job. Thanks 🙂 🙂

  3. Eh, you and the gang make my day almost every day. I often cringe at fandom, but the bloggers and fans here would make any actor proud. I’m so very pleased that this blog and these fans are celebrating Alex, who I just happen to celebrate, myself. Hee! 😀

  4. Welcome back!!! Thanks for the kudo’s, but I have to step aside and let Deb take most of the credit here – she ROCKED with finding all sorts of stuff to post!

    Over 3,000 followers, wow. Each and every one of you who comments, likes, or just plain reads us – makes me very happy. I can always get a laugh.

  5. Thank you ESS and thanks to all the helping hands for keeping the site going while ess was on holiday, thanks for all the work with this page, i’m sure it’s a lot of work!!!!
    Thanks so much for being nice, funny, naughty, helpful, friendly, thoughtful, respectful – i so much love it here 🙂 !!!

  6. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time! Now for reality!! Thanks to the ladies for doing such a fantastic job filling in!

  7. Welcome back ESS!! You deserved some time away. The girls did a fantastic job while you were away! I genuinely Thank you all for everything you do! 😀

  8. Welcome back, Ess and Thanks to all of you “girls” of the H50BAMF admin team. You always put a smile on my face with your funny and gorgeous posts!

  9. Welcome back! And yes, we all need to thank to Deb and Kim for the awesome work they did in the past weeks on H50BAMF. You all make a winning team. TY

  10. Welcome back ESS! I’m happy you had a good time with friends and family….so batteries charged, right?!…..I missed your replies to all of us but I have to say that “your girls Kim and Dev” did a great job….standing ovation for them!!!!…..I love the spirit around H50bamf, really…and it feels so good that our love for Alex get us together to have some healthy fun and ……also Mcperv fantasies, hehehe!

  11. Welcome back! I must confess I had a moment of panic when you said you were going away and thought OMG NO NEW PICSPAM but your girls did a great job keeping us happy! Glad you had a great break, we all need those.

  12. WOW! thanks for all the thanks! I am glad ESS trusted me to help out w/ her great blog! It’s nice to have a place where everyone is respectful and funny!

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