Egan’s Fit Body Boot Camp is expanding with a little help from #AlexOLoughlin

Thanks to @CherylHofmann for the heads up on this article.  Why is it not surprising our Mr. Fix-it has other real world skills as well? Can I say how refreshing it is that he has interests and talents outside of the entertainment biz?


Pic credit: Egan Inoue 10/16/13

Egan’s Fit Body Boot Camp is expanding and re-locating its Manoa gym to new digs in Honolulu near the University of Hawaii — with a little help from a “Hawaii Five-0” star — with construction underway and on track to end by early November.

Marcia Inoue, co-owner and wife of the well-known mixed martial arts championEgan Inoue, said that a rapidly growing business forced the couple to expand.

“We were busting at the seams; we had way too many members for the space we had, and so it forced us to look for bigger space, which is a blessing,” she said, adding that they went from 700 square feet of space to 3,000 square feet.

The gym, located at 2700 S. King St., building A, is replacing the Glidden Professional Paint Center in Moiliili. Renovations include building offices, dressing rooms and custom equipment for the space, which will re-open as a fully functioning gym on Nov. 4.

“The neat thing about it is that Alex O`Loughlin from ‘Hawaii 5-0,’ one of my husband’s private lesson students, loves design and architecture, so he spearheaded and designed the whole gym with our input,” she added.

The duo’s booming gym has four locations total, with their new downtown digs being their only leased space. The other three locations are sub-leased spaces, with one in Kailua, Waipio and another downtown at the YWCA Laniakea.


To keep up with growth, the couple has nearly doubled the amount of fitness instructors on board from eight to 15 since August.



31 thoughts on “Egan’s Fit Body Boot Camp is expanding with a little help from #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Wow! I guess our beloved Alex is the incarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci…he is multitalented and this also proves the high IQ he must have ( despite he was considered a child with attention deficit disorder… What ironic, doesn’t it) ….the dude is a genious!…….how wonderful is to love a man you admire <3!!!!

  2. Design and architecture, another of many talents we find out about our boy 🙂
    I agree Mary, he is an amazingly gifted and generous person, impossible not to love him

  3. Wow, it’s interesting! Is there anything the man can’t do? Thanks for sharing! P.S.: I’m not a lover of blue, but I love those BLUE boots he’s wearing 🙂

  4. With his busy schedule he always seems to find time for people. Talented yes, sexy, hot,handsome definitely but most of all he’s a warm generous human being. So easy to love this man.

  5. Thank you Ess by the article!
    I’m very happy to know that he shares his talents and hobbies to help friends.

  6. Like most ADD people, he has many “hobbies” which he delves deeply into. They like to focus on one thing and learn all about it, then move on to a new thing and learn all about it, so he does know a lot about a lot of things. Glad he’s kept his interest in architecture (I’ve always been into it also!). In interviews he’s mentioned the architect of his Hawaiian home, and once when asked what he’d be doing if he wasn’t acting he said “probably building houses” because he had an interest in that. Oooooo-ee, do I love this man!

  7. Do you think he wears his glasses when he’s designing? He probably doesn’t have a drawing table, but could you imagine him hunched over it, wearing shorts, t-shirt, and glasses while intensely drawing sketches and floor plans? Maybe even biting his lips in concentration?

    Sorry, didn’t mean to make you faint.

  8. The article doesn´t mention if Alex is actually invested in Egan´s gyms. I sort of think he might be, perhaps a silent co-partner? Anyway, looking at the pic of Alex helping the move with the other guys, why is he keeping his index finger so odd? It sort of bothers me 😉

      • Thanks for telling me, missed that info. He sure seems to be around the gym with Egan a lot. I can see he is enjoying himself. Must make them feel all manly with the building stuff 😉
        I can smell the testosterone through the screen 😛

  9. I´ve heard before from him that he likes very much to build and design contructions, and he develope these skills while he was working on this when he was a teenager!

    • So many young boys aren’t into learning this type of stuff anymore. They’re more into electronics and gadgets, which I’m not detracting from, they make the world go round. But it’s nice to have someone still have a desire to learn how to design and build things with your hands. I know a lot of ppl hoped Lion would be a girl…I always hoped he’d be a boy. There should be more men like him in this world and if he can lead the 3 young men in his house to be half the man he is, then it’s his gift to the next couple generations.

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