CBS shares promo 4.04 -A ia la aku (From this day forward) #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim

A ia la aku – CBS YouTube

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10 thoughts on “CBS shares promo 4.04 -A ia la aku (From this day forward) #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim

  1. I love, love, love we have so different cases every week……the same hot guys, and the hottest of all of them, Steve of course……usually the same shirt… we go again ESS, lol!……but never get bored :0)

    • IKR? Four episodes in and he’s worn this shirt in 3, I think. *sigh*

      As long as McG is around, I’m never bored. Never. Ok, maybe in 3.21 but that was different…

  2. Welcome back ESS! We UK fans are sooo having a hard time right now. We so want to see everything you’re seeing. All this type of video blocked over here. Crying buckets!!! Pics are great though!!

    • Hi Welshgirl! It’s not fair there are fangirls like you having hard time….I imagine myself in your situation and I guess I would have no fingernails….this is a website where you and everybody else can watch S4 episodes:…..hope it works in UK :o)

  3. IKR? I didn’t find it at H50speak dictionary…my new Larousse BTW, lol!…..I’m resigned to watch Steve in “his blue uniform” during the working day if at least some seconds he appears shirtless or sleeping…..shirtless…..and I’m still waiting for a bath scene.. Wet and ….shirtless…..I would love him nekkid but I’m realistic…he won’t unpack his lunch, lol!!!

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