19 thoughts on “Promo pics for 4.06 – Kupouli ‘la (Broken) #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

    • Bing bing bing!! Welshgirl finds the (not so) hidden treasure. 🙂 I noticed that too. Another pair of button fly’s have made it into the wardrobe trailer. Wahoo!! They already look like they’re straining. #justsayin

  1. Did we have pics from 4.05?!?! The cath surveillance job?
    Looking forward to this halloween ep, even if i’m not the halloween keen typ, hope it’s not all that scary like last years! (Ahh – the alive killed girl 😦 although the grandson and the granny were seriously cool!)
    Hoping for some funny moments! Steve funny is cool, and alex so well plays the restrained funny typ!

  2. They should have gone undercover to investigate because it looks like a “colonial times” theme–Alex could have worn his fancy Mary Bryant party duds.

  3. Why we never have H50 Team in Halloween costumes party? Only Max. I would like to know who is Steve’s and Danny’s alter ego are. I’m sure we would have a good laughter.

  4. If we would see them in their party outfits by now – where would be the surprise? Maybe we get to see them in the ep. 😉 *fingers crossed* Hope dies last…

    @AlexNymph Steve as Will. Great idea! 😀

    Hm, no promo pics for 4.05 – only the one of Steve and Joe in uniform – but 15 or 16 for 4.06… Not that I complain about them, but I complain about no more pics for 4.05.

  5. For those who really liked last year’s wacko grandma and grandson it may or may not be coincidence that Corbin Bernsen’s character shares the same last name -Upton in this year’s Halloween episode. There is also another Upton listed as a guest actor. My guess is that these Uptons are the father and grandfather of the grandson we met last year – assuming there is a familial relationship and that the shared last name is not just a tease.

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