Moonlight Monday #AlexOloughlin by @Kimphin1


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      • A lot of it is the camera work. Whoever shot ML really “got” Alex. They lit him perfectly. The camera lingered on him, and caught some amazing expressions and subtle emotions and awesome body language for it. They realized how magnetic he is on camera. I keep hoping the 5-0 peeps will figure this out. They often pan away from his face even as he is speaking…drives me crazy!

        • Yes, the “film noire” look was great for him. Also they shot a lot of it inside, including these outside night shots, and I think that helped–no squinting into the Hawaii sun/brightness.

          But I agree, anything the H50 directors can do to stay on his face would be much appreciated.

  1. I need to know which ep this is, ’cause this pic makes wanna rewatch, really really hard 😉 i can’t restrain!

    • You’re not the only one. Any Moonlight’s expert could help me and my friend Buttercup, please? Thank you in advance.

  2. This is why we cannot help ourselves when it comes to this actor. He has this beautiful face and knows how to use it. Oh yeah, the other parts are pretty awesome too.

    Thanks, Kim

  3. I see we all fall into Mick’s spell ( My first love too…sigh!) ….what a great actor Alex is indeed…IMO, he incarnates the best vampire ever…..EVER.. ..his presence was full of eroticism…..the way he closed his eyes, raise turning his head and smell the air was so dementially hot…..he spoke with those beautiful eyes baring your soul and reading your mind….poor Beth, she was like a needle dragged to this powerfull magnet… .Mick will be always missed. Mondays have a nostalgic feeling because of him… . TY KIm for this beautiful pic

    • Oh yeah, the nose is special, saw one man lately with this slightly bend down nose point, mmhh frkn hot, it made him very much aollike 😉 !!
      Pls lurxgirl, tell us what that nose does to you, we all want to know about the “shudder” !!

  4. I first saw Alex on H50 and then my friend said to watch him on Moonlight. And, that’s where the romance began. Mick will always be my favorite character that Alex played.

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