International “Suit Up” Day #AlexOLoughlin style #H50

Suit Up Day


21 thoughts on “International “Suit Up” Day #AlexOLoughlin style #H50

  1. Some men were just put on this earth to make a suit look good, and he is one of the few.

    Not that he doesn’t look great in anything, but he really makes the rest of the male world look like pikers when they put on a suit.

  2. He definitely knows how to wear a suit properly! He is very good about getting them tailored, so the suit always accentuates the positives! I prefer him in a darker suit, but that gray suit and dark shirt he wore for press day was yummy for soooo many reasons! The inviting open collar and those perfectly wrapped thighs…

  3. I actually used to hate grey clothes until I saw Alex wearing grey suits or shirts… Even this boring, ugly colour looks absolutely fantastic on him 🙂

  4. The suit he wore at the Whiteout Premiere 2009 (the pic with the funny orange socks), is that the same one he has worn at SOTB 2012 and the Press Tour this year? Especially the last two seem to be the same. Thrifty! I often noticed that he wears the same cloths even at public events! I like that. That’s him being totally ‘normal’!

    • That’s what caught my eye, the orange funky socks. I like them and you’re right it’s nice to see him being “normal” as wear things more than once. It just reinforces that he simply a man with a job; albeit a job that we all LOVE to watch but a job nonetheless. DAMN good looking man there!

  5. Okay, the best one is the picture with glasses and no tie. He looks the most comfortable! 🙂 The White Out premier grey suit, looks to big on him, or he is heavier and more to hug! 😉
    The Grey suit from SOTB on stage looks great on him, cuz then again no tie!
    This year he looked great, but I find him too skinny in that suit, he looks like a tall lean.. oh never mind!! *wipes drool of chin*

  6. We have a saying that goes like this : ” it’s not the cloth, it is the hanger that makes it look good”. Alex has an amazing statuesque body that he is an innate model for anything….that includes the Adam’s suit too, jejeje!… (It’s the way we call birthday’s suit) ….but I have to say that I prefer him with no tie and open collar ….and wearing glasses!!!….that casual and intellectual look drives me crazy…..well, even more.

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