@PLenkov gives #AlexOLoughlin fans an editing gift! IS THAT A TOWEL???

Why yes I believe it is!!


McGarrett at the door in a towel


he knows what the fans want.  From @PLenkov twitter

Thanks for heads up @HeyMomo


37 thoughts on “@PLenkov gives #AlexOLoughlin fans an editing gift! IS THAT A TOWEL???

  1. OMG!! Peter and Egan, we thank you so much!! YOU know what WE, fans, like and want and need !
    And the towel is blue : bwah! Sorry Ess…

      • Maybe Steve was skinny dipping?! Would explain the face 😀
        I also thought it might be a sauna, but in HI? Somehow don´t think they have those there.

        • This doesn’t look like cath to me, hair too long and curly (i could be wrong 🙂 ) maybe billy set him up with another girl to get cath! Billy looks J.R.ish to me!

  2. HeyD – you are killing it today!!!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you PLenkov for giving us that editing picture

  3. Been away a few days working very hard with my big bosses and to come home to this pic… I’m in heaven…..

  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG… I think I just died… O.O

    PS: I think he has a big ass bruise on his chest if you look closely… But I don’t want you guys to hurt your eyes… you know.

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  6. Blue is the sky….blue are his eyes and blue is that glorious blessed towel…I will never complain about that color again…….yes, we are in heaven!!!! From the bottom of my heart , TY PLenkov!!!!

  7. Peter is spoiling us every week. This is an awesome tease and gift. Steve wearing just a BLUE towel! For me, he can wear it in whole episode. I have to say that this season is in a great mode in a McPerv point of view. Only miss the McRoll in action. Maybe next week Peter’s tease? I hope so.

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