New #AlexOLoughlin pic from LA Press Day for H50

#AlexOLoughlin #Hawaii5-0 #CBS in @tvplus i jumped n grabbed the helicopter as it took off @TVWatchtower @TVGuide – Pic credit to @MargaretGGG

Thanks to Hawaii FIve-0 Oz Facebook and @heyD50 for the heads up on the pic!

092313 MargaretGGG twitter


4 thoughts on “New #AlexOLoughlin pic from LA Press Day for H50

  1. Must have been one or two hard days back then with all the interviews, the photo session, the Q&A… Thanks for posting, ESS! 🙂

    One question: Any idea if/when we’ll get to see/read the interviews/text of press conference?

  2. Even tired, he looks so handsome …..and smiling, oh my! He looks stunning….it was a lot of work around the season’s premiere but everything worthed it, he knows already S4 rocks friday nights and TODAY IS FRIDAY !!!!( salsa dancing, merengue dancing…..even belly dancing in my mind of course, I’m at work right now, jajaja! ). Good for you babe Alex!

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