CBS announces FAN BUILT “FIVE-0” #HawaiiFive0 #H50

Vote Early and Often!  lots of fun possibilities!

CBS announces "FAN BUILT FIVE-0"  Choose the Story and the Writers will make it happen!

CBS announces “FAN BUILT FIVE-0”
Choose the Story and the Writers will make it happen!

my personal voting strategy: scenarios that might lead to scantily or tighly clad McGarrett!  What’s yours?   ~HeyD50~


9 thoughts on “CBS announces FAN BUILT “FIVE-0” #HawaiiFive0 #H50

  1. LOL I picked the ones in the lead because they are too funny. I *have* to see Steve and Danno at a yoga retreat!! OMG the comedy!!! Can’t you hear Danno complaining???

  2. I sure hope this will work. I still remember 312, vote for ending, BS.
    Anyway, l also voted for Yoga, but the other votes went differently to the leading ones. I figured scuba diving would have McG half nekkid. They really have some hilarious choices there 😀 Sounds like a great idea.
    Also funny that ever since I heard that Alex would have Danny dressed as a prostitute and go undercover, I´ve been meaning to tweet PLenkov to have a fantasy episode with Alex´s wishes in mind. And today this! LOL funny coincidence 🙂

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