and now @EganInoue gives a new pic! It’s an #AlexOLoughlin feast!

Egan_closeup_newgym ‏@EganInoue Scott, Alex and I looking at the new gym. Front desk sketch in my hand by Alex.


Thanks for sharing Egan!


9 thoughts on “and now @EganInoue gives a new pic! It’s an #AlexOLoughlin feast!

  1. Totally loving that Egan is giving Alex so much credit for his designs, the t-shirts, the seating and now the front desk all designed by Alex. We already knew about his hidden talents, now we are getting to see some of his not hidden talents 🙂

  2. Renaissance Man! He’s done a bit of construction in his time, and he hates gyms, so it’s nice he’s able to incorporate his ideas with Egan’s (and Alex’s?) new place.

  3. Looks like the guys showed up in costume for Show… 🙂
    And I hope Alex is enjoying his myriad creative side jobs. Totally a Renaissance Man, AlexNymph. Well put.
    Also means if one were to visit the gym, one could see his benches and his desk and probs buy his t shirts, maybe get lucky and take a class he’s in or at least see him visiting… Egan is lovely to share so much with us, but he’s also no fool.

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