Alex O’Loughlin – See what the #H50 #CBSTweetWeek was all about

A really cool compilation of the CBS Tweets from H50 S4E01 from Alex, Peter and DDK. Leave it to Paula and Foyeur to kick it to the next level of awesomeness. 🙂

Reblogging with their permission. Thanks girls!

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

On Friday 27th September 2013 some good history was made. We got Alex, together with Peter Lenkov and Daniel Dae Kim, live tweeting with broadcast of the Season 4 premiere.

This was the opening tweet:

Watch season premiere right now! Join , & Alex O’Loughlin LIVE tweeting 4.

From there on Alex took over and entertained us for a while. Can’t thank him enough for taking the time to do it. Fans relish the opportunity for any personal contact with him. With so many of us from so far away, it is a wonderful occasion to be able to interact with him a just a little bit.


This is how the rest of the session went:

sabrinanthesand ‏@ItisSabrina: Alex do u hope Wo Fat is McG’s half bro? Also TY bb for #ruokday support XO
Alex:It would definitely answer some questions


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  1. I have already given to them my congratulations! As I wrote in their blog, I felt like if I was living it. Great job!! And it is also great you share it here at H50bamf… the end, we all belong to the same league….right? ;o)

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