H50 extras for 4.03 #MasiOka #DanielDaeKim @JorgeGarcia

Can only share from CBS right now. International links will come later tonight, check back! (much later tonight. lol) They were just too cute not to share immediately.

BTW…Masi, I couldn’t agree more 🙂

What’s in the Box? Max helps McGarrett find a gift for Catherine.

Lost Reunion Cute interview with Jorge, Daniel and Terry.

I admit I wasn’t bowled over with “Hurley” coming onto the show, since I only watched one season of Lost, but this clip and the promo has me really looking forward to his appearance! I think I’m going to love it!

***update**** Angie has found the YouTube international clips for us! Mahalo babe!!

Lost reunion

What’s in the box?

35 thoughts on “H50 extras for 4.03 #MasiOka #DanielDaeKim @JorgeGarcia

  1. Ahem, do I see Jeans on McGarrett, I don’t care for the light blue shirt, looks like the same from the premier episode, that was covered in blood! But under that shirt are those Jeans?? *does a happy dance*

  2. I ❤️ McG’s little boy excitement over finding the right gift (IF it is the right gift) lol. I bet that becomes partof the joke.

    Oi…all the blue shirts basically look alike to me. So much so they’re almost invisible…which you would think should make him shirtless but no. Dammit.

  3. “You found her”–is that what he said? I’m thinking not lingerie . .

    A model of the first boat they served on, for her to paste together?

  4. Thanks for the YT links, Angie! 🙂

    @AlexNymh The question is: Why is the package so much larger when Max gave it to him in the office? The package he gave to Cath is more the size of a folded shirt…

    • I thought that too! Figured it must have had a lot of packing material around it. Or Steve kept part for himself 🙂

  5. So, hold the phone. Does this mean that THIS FRIDAY is the retirement ceremony? Meaning Cath in dress whites/ McG in black suit is THIS FRIDAY? I’m so confused.

    Oh, and …. LOST REUNION!!!!!!


    • I know, i’m a little confused too but according to the CBS website, they said this airs on 10/11 which i’m thinking maybe the part of Max finding the gift airs this week and him giving it to her (hee) is in 4.05…but who the hell knows with all the switcheroo! lol

      • Hey, they only switched 2 episodes! Remember last year? THAT was REALLY confusing… 😉

        But I think you’re right, ESS, Max bought the gift in 4.03 and gave it to Steve, maybe in one of the last scenes, and the “retirement” scene is the opener for 4.05 (prod #4.04). Which means, if they hadn’t switched episodes, those scenes would air right one after the other, end of one ep, beginning of the other ep.

        On the other hand, I LOVE surprises. Both, when it finally airs and what’s in the present. 😉

  6. I was a huge lost fan! It was the 1st tv serie i was hooked on actually! I loved kate and jack, and later i loved kate and sawyer and later later i couldn’t make my mind up about those three 😆 !!!
    Anyway – seeing all those lost people in different role is just awesome!
    Thanks for the fun!!
    Can i say something about steve 😉 !?!?!?
    HE LOOKS A.W.S.O.M.E. !!! Help!

  7. What’s in the box????? I want to know!!! Please!!!
    Maybe Max shredded all of Steves blue shirts? And Steve made a collage from all the pieces building the first ship they served together? 😆

  8. OMG ESS I love you, girl! Thanks for these. I’ll chip in on the voodoo doll pins with you. Love Max! Love Masi “…so Cmdr. McGarrett can get laid…” lol

  9. What’s in the box?? Heck in this show at least once it was a head! *open slowly and carefully at arms length*

  10. Not a Lost fan (tho I love Terry O’Quinn from Alias), but this looks like its gonna be a winner! Can’t wait to find out whats in the box…

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