Promo pics for H50 4.05 – Kupu ‘eu (Fallen Hero) ***SPOILER*** #MichelleBorth #AlexOLoughlin

***update*** sorry for the confusion. casualty of the flip flop of production #’s. This episode will air as 4.05 per CBS, so i’ve updated the title.

Looks like someone is retiring….

Pic credit US Navy Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Nardel Gervacio


29 thoughts on “Promo pics for H50 4.05 – Kupu ‘eu (Fallen Hero) ***SPOILER*** #MichelleBorth #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Okay, hold on, hold on, um.. We get Alex in dress whites in 4:03 and then we get him in a suit in 4:04.. What is Peter Lenkov trying to do, kill us???

    • I think we can all agree that Alex pretty much looks good in anything! But I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of all the black either. Besides the poor guy is probably sweating to death in the sun and heat!

  2. Oh season 4 – you’re such a tease! So far I’ve seen shirtlessness, Whites, suits, baseball caps and RED! *closes eyes and wishes real hard for January*……. did it work? Huh?

  3. For those of you that subscribed to this page, I added a new pic that I accidentally left off my original post. I guess I screwed this one up all around. LOL! Pic of Steve with Joe White added confirming McG is indeed in his suit AND dress whites in this episode per CBS.

  4. Dress whites. All black suit. GUH! I’ll have to be sure to watch this episode from the floor. It will save time. I’ll end up there anyway.

  5. OMG!!! I love a man in uniform anyways, but Alex in one, mouth drops, drop my coffee all over my keyboard. Give a person a warning!!!

  6. I just only hope Peter L has realized we need variety in every episode….shirtless seal episode 1, yumm! ….seal in caramel thight pants episode 2, delicious!…….seal in suit and white uniform episode 5 …uhm I want them for delivery…..and I want to order the nekkid seal too, please. πŸ˜›

  7. Poor Alex, sounds like our personal dress-up Ken doll. Good thing we truly do appreciate his acting skills.

    Back to fashion. The only one not looking good is Catherine in those dress whites–why does the Navy make her look like a 1960s nurse? America needs a new reality series–designers for military uniforms.

  8. Thank you for let me know that i need to watch this episode on the floor, surrounded by pillows and fluffy blankets and be prepared with napkins to clean the drool and a fan to freshen up (it will be very hot that day). You are a good friend, always worried about our safety and comfort.TY

  9. A question the title of the episode said Fallen Hero not retired hero. So I guess is that someone close to Mcg will die in a heroic way unless the title means that Joe is retiring but he in Season 2 he already retired so I don think it is Joe retiring he is already retired. Steve look good in almost everything but like some of you I dont like all the dark black suit on him.

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