Pic Spam H50 Episode 4.02 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

I’m baaaack!!! Well rested from a wonderful vacation. Our lovely friends to the north took good care of me and I got to spend some quality family time .  Took time out of my rainy, Friday evening to watch H50 with some wonderful friends and was not disappointed.

(PS before I forget, I will be gone again this upcoming weekend so pic spam for 4.03 will be late, very late…as in a few days late…but I’ll get to it. Promise!)  Have no fear, it will then be back to normal schedule for me.

Ok, you know the drill.. This is just me having fun with some of my screencaps. They’re for entertainment only, mostly McGarrett centered and rarely plot related.  Feel free to make your own comments on the caps.  There was a lot to love in this episode…so let’s get to it!


34 thoughts on “Pic Spam H50 Episode 4.02 #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

  1. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed some Canadian hospitality ESS! I’m also happy to have you and your picspam back.
    I’ll try and get through all the wonderfulness later. For now I’m stuck on the “no she didn’t” gif. SBJ&TO…my heart and my panties are melting!!

  2. So happy you got some much needed vacay time! Welcome back!! I agree, I thought Catherine was going to jump on him and wrap her legs around him! Thanks for all the goodies! 😀

  3. Back with a BANG Ess! This may be my fav pic spam – soo much pretty AND funny! January (when UK fans will likely get this ep) seems a long way away!

  4. Welcome back, ESS!! You were much missed but I’m glad to hear you were enjoying your break! Thank you for this, the FUNNIEST PIC SPAM EVER!! I was LOLing so hard I nearly choked on my laptop. 😆

  5. Glad you had a nice break ESS. Love this picspam. Love the red, love the looks, love the funny but oh those tan pants are definitely my favourite. Great back shots ..!! Just like Fi, January seems like eons away right now. Why do they make us wait so long in the UK.

  6. Happy you had fun! Missed you. Thanks, these are great! Lots of pretty… and the kiss! And Danno’s a McRoller like me …happy dance… and I Hate Billy, lol. “She didn’t tell you?” He’s an ass. I love anyhting with Grace. Grace & danno, Gracie & Uncle Steve…I can’t… Squeee. with the cuteness. Welcome ‘home’

  7. I was so blinded by McG and the McRoll I failed to mention.. Adam.. um you’re dead with out her, you big girl… okay that was mean, but my dad didn’t tell me fishing was for peasants, lol….

    • You are totally right! He needs here, otherwise he might as well start digging his own grave. If the yakuza doesn’t kill him, he’ll starve to death. Or get a hangnail and bleed out.

  8. Welcome back ESS!!….sincerely, I already miss you funny comments and nice picspams……ok! I guess Steve was already training his FOY to use the “majik table” :P!!!…….Billy……clever MF!….”I want you know by me”….yeah! Sure….he knew only Steve could make Cath changes her mind about her decision…..McRoll always delicious, I just hope Cath smiles even more, jump and run to him like she did when he finally proposes to her….if he ever does……and ONCLE STEVE<3!!!! Always shakes my ovaries when he acts so sweet to Gracie and using shorts, thigh red shirt and back cap….OMG! They just poof!!!
    BTW, Fi and all the girls outside the US, try to watch epi 2 at http://www.tvonline.cc. You can watch S4 epi 1 too, indeed all the seasons!!!

  9. Oh my. I’m in Alex overload at the moment. I missed so much and now I’m trying to catch up. But it’s too much. I’m sighing and dying here.
    ASST COACH? Really? Let’s get rid of that tee and the “T”! Who doesn’t want such an a$$?

  10. Welcome back Ess! Watching this post made me realize that i missed the Pic Spam so much. I loved it as usually, but today i’m not very inspired to comment each picture. The tan pants are perfect to the moose and as$. The t-shirt gets so good on him and we have Steve in shorts again. But Danno’s girls had more lucky with the grey shorts than us with the black ones. The lighter colours are better to stare.Thank you by the laughter reading this post!

  11. Welcome back ESS hope you had a good break (I’m on countdown to my hols again). Thanks for the screencaps
    Loved this episode. Loved the scenes with Gracie Danno and Uncle Steve.

    • Seriously? lucky you! Oh wait, I’m about to leave again too lol but this time not too far. Just a long weekend with family. Everything will be back on hold again until late next week.

  12. Haven’t seen it yet but loved yr recap. That pic of DW in the new car made me laugh…can someone give him a pillow or a phone book LOL we almost can’t see him.

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