Thank you @EganInoue! #AlexOLoughlin tours new gym

Looking good boys!


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Thanks @AlexyNay for the find!


19 thoughts on “Thank you @EganInoue! #AlexOLoughlin tours new gym

    • I thought the same thing Wanda. What a great way for him to support local business and a great friend. How can you not love this man?

      • Agreed, luna. Supporting local businesses. Most celebrities do the restaurant thing… IF Alex is an investor in this new center of Egan’s, it wouldn’t surprise me that it has to do with fitness, something very close to Alex’s heart.

  1. Very good looking boys indeed! Thanks for sharing!

    I find the fact that Alex’s sneakers colour-coordinate with his tee strangely satisfying. At least this, if he won’t satisfy me in other ways *cough*.

  2. I too think he is an investor. Looks like they needed a larger place with how many people attend. Wonder how late Alex got back from filming in Vancouver friday?

    • I don’t think Alex was in Vancouver. He probably wasn’t needed for the scenes they filmed. If he was, I’m so p.o’d because I
      live nearby. I have seen a photo on Facebook of DDK taken with a fan, though.

      • He was there. At least someone mentioned it on twitter who saw Alex on set, if I’m right 10/04/13. But no pics to prove. 😦 Scott was there, too, but both only for a few days. They flew back to Hawaii on Friday.

  3. Wanda, is Egan or Alex designing the new T-shirts?….I surely want to buy some for my pilates and dancing classes because I’m in the mission of recruit new fans in my country………can you imagine that gym decorated with posters of Alex working out…shirtless….sweaty…..with all his p0rnveins to the maximum!!!!!………UNFFFF! …certainly, I would only exercise my retines looking at him……and drooling, lol!

      • Thanks ESS! Hope you had a great holiday…..well, I hope we can support his project and can buy these t-shirts on line :o)

      • Malia’s had design experience (with her swimsuits) so maybe she was an influence on Alex (or is helping and having fun too).

        • That would be awesome to do that together. ;). Also Alex has talked about liking fashion, about having a closet with way too much stuff for a guy. Lol. So it’s really not surprising to see him get into it. I’d rather him do that than the restaurant thing, honestly….but whatever gives him fulfillment and happiness.


          • I forgot about the closet o’clothes 🙂 I think Holly had an influence on him also in that regard, since her father owned a clothes shop (I thought). And, Alex does like to shop.

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