Kevlar Saturday #AlexOLoughin

Why yes, come right on in…

KS 100513


7 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday #AlexOLoughin

  1. Hot’ blooded Mcg is my favourite! I missed the eyebrow-wrinkles lately (or it’s me who hasn’t noticed with all the gorgeousness we’ve seen lately 😉 !!) thanks, a s1mcgftw!

  2. In 4.02 when McG drives his dad’s old black car (in the beginning) he has the season 1 eyebrow-porn-stare (before Danny starts talking)!!! OMG this is going to be a great season 😎 !

    • HOLY Hannah!! I thought I was the only who loved that scene!! Totally agree, the season 1 stare, in episode 2.. as Danno is saying “If you are gonna be that shoot-them-first-ask-questions-later kinda guy!” and Steve looks at Danno, and I just about fall off my couch every time I watch that scene. I love it. ESS knows what I am talking about!! So does Paula!

  3. I also like his eyebrown-wrinkle, specially when the light makes their eyebrowns hair look a little bit blond……..UNFFFF!!!. ouhhh! you had a hard day, babe? come on in, let your toy on the table and come to play with me…….:P

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