#Five0Redux shares her SOTB4 Red Carpet Interview with #AlexOLoughlin & his Stage Comments

Thanks so much @WendieJoy






10 thoughts on “#Five0Redux shares her SOTB4 Red Carpet Interview with #AlexOLoughlin & his Stage Comments

  1. Thanks ESS and WendieJoy.. I listened to this interview on another site and could not quite hear what he said. This is a lot clearer. I wish it was me he was looking down to…sigh

  2. Thank you Heyd50 for the updates here on H50BAMF. You are doing a great job.

    Wendie Joy is a lucky lady for have the opportunity to interview Alex again. She is a small woman, isn’t she? She makes Alex looks even more tall. Thanks Wendie for provided us a little more of Alex. It’s never to much.

    • ACA Marta!! HeyD50 did fantabulous (I’m sure that’s a real word) while I was away. I’m so thankful to her and the friends who kept her updated with new stuff to post, for Wendie and skippy and everyone who allowed her to post their personal items. What a wonderful ohana we have here!

  3. Great interviews from Wendy. I had no idea she was petite either. She’s a big bowl of awesomesauce though!

  4. Hi ladies-I’m actually about 4 inches below where Alex is standing. I’m all of 5’2, but I’m on the sand and he’s on a raised platform where the actual red carpet is spread out. It’s always a thrill to talk with him:) Thanks for posting HeyD50 and H50BAMF:)

  5. Thanks HeyD50 and H50bamf!! It’s always a pleasure hear him talks, I can see he’s handsone but also very intelligent and analitycal man….Wow!!!

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