#AlexOLoughlin answers questions

Recently, CBS invited fans to ask Alex O’Loughlin questions.


(video by CBS)

For those of you that can’t view link, here’s one from the  Hawaii Five-0 youtube channel  (Thanks @AlexyNay for reminding me!)


thanks to @LaHagela and @ItsSabrina for the heads up

Could he be any more attractive???


Guest Editor FAIL!  How did I miss that this was our own @H50BAMF’s question!  Group Fangirl SQUEEEEE for her!



35 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin answers questions

  1. He looked gorgeous !! Thought I’d die when he looked into the camera and thanked Diana !! Lucky lady !! I especially wanted to know what music he listens to and what TV he likes so I loved his answers to those ! I enjoyed this vid even more so than
    the ep tonight lol.

    • I can’t either from France! That’s really boring and so stupid! This show has so many fans around the world!
      Maybe we should ask Peter to do something for us…

  2. It’s a strong word, but I really do hate CBS for shutting evryone outside the US out. In case they didn’t notice, but the 199 countries outside the US is what is keeping this great show on the market. They are so stupid. Yes, I am mad.

    • No, not DWTS. He loves So You Think You Can Dance. Which is an excellent dancing show! Young, real dancers compete, and they are all awesome. They have amazing choreographers create dances for them each week, and it is extremely gorgeous and entertaining to watch these talented kids. They win this show and go on to dance on Broadway and stuff like that. It is very well done. Alex, no surprise here, has excellent taste.

      He is adorable and thoughtful as ever. Kinda irksome that of all those questions, CBS chose basically the ones that pimp H50 rather than so many of the questions that were more philosophical, but Alex hit em all outta the ballpark so, 🙂 .

      Congrats to him and all the lucky fans who got their questions answered. Well done, all!

    • I LOVE SYTYCD!! I want to watch with him and cry with him…. if he said one thing that endeared me to him, it was this! LOL!! I love that he’s such a “guy” but is comfortable enough in his masculinity that he doesn’t have to put on this macho persona. He’s comofortable enough to admit he loves a dance show….OMG. I love him. Real love. Not that fake internet crap.

    • Concratulation diana, it’s really cool they have chosen your question out of so many!
      He was nice answering all these questions with all his heart! One has to love his honesty, it shows his human after all 😉 !!!

  3. I can watch it on my iphone, from switzerland. With the link above but i have to wait for these stupid adds to pass!

    • Strange that you can’t watch it and i can!!!
      Althought i have to wait for a huge huge load of adds to pass!

  4. I very happy for Ess but even more happy for Diana. Lucky girls!
    It was awesome but very short video. They should do a part 2.
    He is honest, adorable and gracious in all answers.
    Thank you for the youtube video. CBS always forgets the huge fan base outside US.

  5. I could listen to Alex talking for hours, great Q&A session 🙂 I can’t believe Alex’s guilty pleasure is the same as mine, I love the UK version of the show. Just when i think i can’t find out anything that makes me love him more…

  6. yesterday, when I saw the first link and I couldn’t wacth it, I thought it was because I live in third world and I got so sad …..now I realize that many of us suffered these same anxiety hours, so thank you so much ESS, because you DID think about us, the fans outside the USA, and CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU DIANA!!!!! I’m so happy he answered your question and gave a look at you and also to Missp I……I feel we are like a sisterhood sharing our love and devotion to Alex, so if one of our question was chosen, it’ so good for me……Please, Alex borrow one of your cargo shorts to Steve……yes! epi 3.20 is one of my favs…….I hope someday we read your memoires baby!!! and as a latin girl, I love dancing and the UK version of “so, you think you can dance”…….I don’t know if Alex can dance but I think he would like to be invited to participate in the show……I’m gonna see this interview once more and a thousands times more. Thank you again ESS <3!!!!

  7. I was sooo shocked he answered my question too!! He was so detailed, explained everything! With such a natural charm and gorgeous looks and his cute aussie accent. Was really surprised that from the more than 1000 questions they showed mine too *_* LOVED the whole video, he answered very interesting questions and the best part they pleased us by letting us know more abou our beoved Alex. Fangirl’s dream come true!!:)

  8. I didn’t know that was ESS’s question either. Awesome! Thought it was odd that CBS asked for funny stuff but picked pretty basic star questions. Guess they just thought we would enjoy reading the humor from fans. Our AOL is giving some great interviews this fall and I am really enjoying them. Congrats to Diana. I’m sure you had to pick yourself up off the floor when he looked into camera and spoke directly to you. Great post as always.

  9. SQUEEEE!!! It was so awesome to come home and find out that he answered one of my questions and it was the one I had really hoped he’d answer. They cut off the beginning where I specifically referenced Vincent so I don’t think he quite understood the context of my question but who the hell cares?? HE ANSWERED!! And he gave me the “thinkie face”. *sigh*

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