H50 Promos for 4.02 #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan


Special appearance by BallCap and Shorts. 🙂

Tim Daly – yes, please (sorry the quality is pretty crappy)

14 thoughts on “H50 Promos for 4.02 #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

  1. SHORTS!!! Gawd…his legs are so friggen sexy….they’re distracting me from his face.

  2. GO “Navy Brats” 😆 (sorry for Grace) but if Steve loses he will be “fun to watch” !!! Not-winning-Steve is always a competitive-McG and I like competitive McG, it makes him slightly rough 😉 !!!

  3. I never thought that they release a video with the baseball game. I hope that we will have more to watch in the episode. It will be fun. Shorts+red T-shirt+cap+red sneakers=affdfagdadudsgyfyyeufjshsuhfshdfhushnsjhfifuiiuraggdywqeyeji…………………

  4. I have my suspicions…but whatever. Sorry guys.

    Oh and for the record the “multiple notifications” consisted of ONE notice then they pulled the vids. Thanks YouTube.

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