White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin

It’s raining outside right now. *runs to door*

Nope. No dripping wet sexy SEAL on my front doorstep.



11 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. This moment had so much hotness and determination, i almost felt sorry for danno!!!
    Mcg getting out of the car, all rained down – just wow!
    Huh, now you make we wanna watch the beginning “again” 😉!

    • Oh shuck, a re-watch of Hawaii Five-O from Season 1 to now!! DANG!! *snaps fingers*
      How can you handle that buttercup! How!!

  2. Don’t you just hate it when there ISN’T a dripping wet sexy SEAL on your doorstep…. I would offer him shelter, I’m nice like that, no ulterior motive at all, nope, not one!!

  3. Indeed, I felt sorry for Danno. I guess Steve realized how bad was Hawaii for him and how much Danno really wanted to be part of Gracie’ s life….then he knew he was not the only one having a bad time…yes! I was touched….
    In my country is winter and it rains literally the Niagara falls so….what would I do if a dripping wet sexy seal named Steve. ( Not other) came to my frontdoor?…. Firstable, help him to take off the wet cloth…I don’t want him to get a flu, then a bubble, long and warm bathtub, wash his hair, massage his chest and back ….and then taking him to my bed for a nap……uhmmm?…..maybe. BTW, I don’t have cloth to fit him so, he would be nekkid……..:P……..I get dreamy in rainy days

  4. DANG, you too.. but my rain is probably much colder then your rain ESS, and much colder then Hawaii’s 🙄

    But I think Alex should get out of the wet great shirt and just wear the white one.

    Please, please wardrobe, just one episode of Steve McGarrett in Jeans and White-V-Neck T-Shirt.. Please, Please!! I would be watching, watching and watching that episode over and over and over and over…

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