PLenkov shares an editing pic #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan 4.06 #H50

editing #H50 406 #partyvan

from @plenkov on twitter

Stripper pole?


28 thoughts on “PLenkov shares an editing pic #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan 4.06 #H50

  1. Okay, why does Danny look comfortable, and Steve looks very nervous?? Interesting!! I am looking forward to McG in full dress Whites please 😉

    • hit reply to fast..sorry
      in episode 404, *slaps forehead* Oh my.. Almost forgot we get 402 on Friday, McG in baseball shirt – almost forgot about that!!

      • Agreed, why does steve look uncomfortable?
        Danny even seems to look relaxed!!
        Did we have such scene before? I have to think!!!

  2. I think they are on a bus, but I still have thoughts about that stripper pole! Please Alex, just once for us!

    • 😯 Oh, no don’t even say that..No. I had enough trouble all summer long when they said Catherine was going to be kidnapped!! I am just glad they got her back in the first episode.

      I am not a shipper of Stargate or NCIS, but I like the Steve and Catherine romance, she softens him, they just seem right together!

      So no, No Catherine undercover stuff 😯

  3. Lol! Yep!, Steve is worry because he remembers the pic that Danno’s nephew sent to them, when he did cop modeling for “charity” …so he knows Danno has experience with the pole……..come on, baby!!! There’s always a first time…and you have the rawwww material…..muevelo, muevelo. Que sabroso!!!……

  4. I’m afraid we’re not going to see Alex dancing on the pole in the actual episode but there’s always hope for the season 4 gag reel to include Alex dancing – Maybe our favorite goofball had the same idea when he looked at that pole.. It would be so much fun to see him dancing on it 🙂
    I was chatting with fan friends last night when Peter first posted this picture and we all imagined ourselves joining the boys in the party van – anybody else want to come aboard?! Looks like there’s room for quite a few of us in there – more than in the Camaro, anyway 😉

  5. Hi all! Just a quick moment of wi/fi here and wanted to give a big shout out to @heyD50 for keeping up withe new stuff while i’m gone. I’ll hve so much to catch up with on Sunday!

    I’m having a great time and looks like the fun is continuing at H50BAMF. Sweet!! Carry on…

  6. Since #4.06 is the Halloween episode, I’m still more wondering about Steve’s and Danny’s posture… Looks like Stev swa a ghost. 😉

  7. I must be the only one hoping Steve doesn’t try anything out on the pole. LOL. I’m not a prude, obvi…but it would be complete and total cheese and not the tasty kind Stan served up. 😉 Just my opinion.

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