Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

You knew it was coming… don’t act surprised.

I think he needs help with those buttons.

“Here let me…”



39 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Yes we knew it was coming- you might have had a riot on your hands if it didn’t! Just how good is looking, I mean he always looks good and I liked him beefier and I like him lean (not skinny!) but hot momma…. That body is killing me! (It killed my panties ages ago).

    Also if this is the result of his hard work with Egan I just might be tempted to work out!!

  2. *asdfjk;ljk;* 😆 McGarrett endlessly unbuttoning his shirt made my day 😆 It’s like yes now, no not quite – yes now now now – noooo, starting all over again, he needs help, he he he, anyone ? *hands up* !!!!
    And don’t tell me “that BAMF SteveMcGarrett” didn’t know what he was doing!

  3. OMG!! He is so …unf…
    Perfect! not too beefy, not skinny!
    Just like on the MMA episode! Can’t find which one cause I’m dead, you know…unf..
    Loove these gifs! Thanks.
    Lol at his tweet about Scott looking at nipples. I think he was talking about this scene? Lucky Scotty!

  4. We knew it was coming but so soon in the episode was a surprise. And watching him unbutton the shirt, taking off the shirt and giving us time to stare, appreciate his effort in the Egan’s workouts and drool a lot was great. These gifs are on top of my favorites. I confess that i come back to this post for several times. It’s one of the best Topless Tuesday. Thank you

  5. Heh! Scott wasn’t the only one looking at his tits.
    I mean, it would be rude not to appreciate the hard work, no? 😉

    • It’s now “tits” and not “pecs” anymore? Or wouldn’t that be appropriate 😉 ?

      Omg – l can’t stop looking at all those beautifully shaped muscles and veins – no kidding, it gives me goose bumps!
      I wish all the men on earth would look like THIS, that would make us living in the land of milk and honey!

        • I love when he says “tits” as well as “nipples” and “penis.” My new fantasy is Alex as an anatomy instructor. With glasses and a tie, sitting on the corner of his desk, long legs hanging down and the FOY clearly “titillated.” He would be my “Naughty Professor.” 🙂

          • YES YES YES!! He should be starring in the new Masters of Sex show. HBO (Showtime?) would have a monster hit for YEARS!!

        • Well, he wanted to be titillated this year, so YAY for us!

          I’ve never played sports–is it weird when girls just start undressing in front of one another? Because guys (at least these guys) don’t seem to mind and do it all the time. i find it a little strange. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it 🙂

  6. Oh, my all mine. Oops! Did I type that out loud! I meant Oh my oh my! Really I did;)

    And not that I’m complaining at aaallll, for goodness sakes, but is it just me or is there less chest hair? Please please please more chest hair! Or, again, is it just me?

        • That’s so funny because the thought of ‘receding chest hair” did actually cross my mind! But, with everything else he does, or the show makes him do (dye his hair, wear hair pieces, etc) I figured it was some sort of manscaping–too bad. Still so lovely to look at, but I personally miss the more natural look.

        • Things do look a little “tame”. My theory is they trim it so it’s easier to apply the god-awful cheetoh dust.

  7. We all were waiting for this historic topples tuesday!!! ……not beefy, not skinny as Magalex said…. just as God orders…..I guess Alex was cold in that room because his “tits” looked small……or maybe ashamed that Scott was looking at them….naaa! Lol! I don’t think so…..I would love to hug him and gave him a little body warming and return to my oral phase and suck them for a while……uhmmm. ……I also love his abds and the low cut jeans…….I hope he gets dirty in every episode and that Scott has always a clean shirt for him…..or maybe two, because you were right ESS; Steve spent 75% of the epi wearing a bloody and sweaty shirt. LOL! I would traslate yummy “tits” as chichitas ricas….drool…..sigh!

    • “Chichitas ricas” sounds great, i had a few years with spanish but i can’t translate it, oh never mind, we all know what i means! It’s another word to explain the beauty od aol’s body 😉 !!

  8. Now I had a feeling this would be the pic for today. Alex’s training really paying off…love it!! Hope we see more…

  9. Loved that we got a topless scene so early in the show, when I was still coherent. Pretty sure this started the downfall…

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