Moonlight Monday #AlexOLoughlin

Even Mick is sad H50 isn’t on tonight. Β It’s ok Mick.

4 more days!



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  1. Just a note to say how much I appreciated the vast number of pics etc, to view when I got into work this morning. Good job my boss wasn’t around!!!! Couldn’t see the episode of course, got to wait till January. But you and your friends will keep me going till then I know. Alex looks gorgeous, back to his absolute best. Like a good wine improving with age. Have a fab vacation. Love you being there for us Alex fans. Where would we be without you.

  2. Poor Mick. I’m sure we’ll all line up to make him feel better, to get his mind and ours off the fact there’s no H50 tonight.

    Honestly, though, I like the Friday night slot better, but I hope it isn’t bad for the show. Anyway, off to make Mick feel better. πŸ˜‰

    • Friday night is better for me in that it’s less hectic but my hubs is home on Fridays so i don’t get that free watch to giggle and squee by myself before i have to put my game face on and watch with him. Lol. Thats my only complaint πŸ˜‰

      It had good ratings on Friday. Hopefully it will continue. ❀️


      • My hubby was always there on Monday nights–and now Fridays–and is completely used to all of it. He learned early on not to speak when McGarrett is on. Although, I could kick myself because when they put the twitter link on TV I said I wasn’t going to get on while the show was on because I wanted to focus. Needless to say I kicked myself later when I found out Alex was on twitter and I missed it. 😦 The night wasn’t a total loss online because later I was in on a discussion with Trevor Munson because it was the 6 year anniversary of Moonlight. πŸ™‚

      • I can definitely get a “case of the Mondays”. And then I would go “Oh! H50 tonight!” And would be happier. Now I have to go through all of that and then remind myself, “No. Fridays.”, even though it’s been Fridays for weeks now. I can be a little slow. Shocking how hard it is to break routine!

        The day doesn’t really matter. What is hard for me is the time. I live in the midwest so it’s on at 8pm, which is bedtime. Luckily my hubbie usually does most of the bedtime thing. But for those of you who might not know, let me tell you, 3 kids don’t move all that fast or easily for bedtime any night, let alone on a Friday, ’cause by the end of the week we all get pooped! Oh well, too bad for them! Either earlier bedtime, Daddy does it all and joins me after, I just run off and hide early and/or all of the above!

  3. Pics from Moonlight – without all the lovely muscles, tattoos, bamf action etc of H5O to distract us…..serve to remind us just how absolutely handsome this man is….sign and thud.

  4. I’m right there with you, Mick, miss my Monday H50. It was always something to look forward too. Plus, hubby was usually busy with other things, but Friday night is tv night, so no more “H50 private viewing”. Damn!

  5. I didn’t know that Mick is a fan of Hawaii Five-0 . Yes, it’s a awesome procedural cop show, lots of action, with sense of humor, great cast and crew. I would like to know Mick’s opinion about this series, but specially about Steve McGarrett’s character and plot. Does he prefers eyesexing with Kono or Cath? It would be cool to know.

  6. Dear Mick:
    You don’t have to be sad…..or maybe you’re feeling the jealous’ tickling?. No, babe, don’t! Mondays will be forever destined for you because Monday means Moonlight, means Mick for me. Steve is a great guy, a brave SEAL but you have that mysterious vampire spell that drags me to you……
    So, throughout all the eternity you’re mine and I’m yours.

  7. I was sad when there wasn’t a season 2 of Moonlight. Maybe, they should make a movie, 10 years past since the TV show!
    But, McG is a close second and as long as Alex plays him, I’m happy!

  8. It okay Mick…not to worry….H50 is only four sleeps away. I wish you and I could get together and pass the time….by NOT sleeping. *sigh*

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