#AlexOLoughlin and @danieldaekim BTS at SOTB 4

@AlohaBruce from Hawaii Aloha Travel tweeted this  video  from photographer’s row


15 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin and @danieldaekim BTS at SOTB 4

  1. Love this.
    Love that Spike is always clinging to Alex. What an amazing step-dad he must be!
    Love that Alex seemed embarrassed by his introduction…B “now the big guy”…A “yeah right”
    Love how he hugged nearly everyone.
    Love how his kissed Teilor then stood by her and held her arm.
    Love his humble, touching speech.
    Love how he looked. Damn that man wears the h*ll out of a suit!
    Love him. Period.

    • Well, It was gonna say something but as usual CG66 took the words right out of my hands again!!
      I also loved that he kissed Teilor and then later stood by her and held her arm.. Naturally protective!.
      I don’t see Saxon sitting around him, maybe the camera didn’t get him in the shot.
      Anyhow, off to work, will drool and continue this later!
      Thanks for posting! 🙂

  2. Thank you Ess for posting this, I know I am not the only one who has been hoping we would get the video of the cast introductions but we were only able to see DDK and Alex and I am grateful for that. It was so nice to see Alex with joy on his face greeting each person on stage showing how important they all were. That man has a huge wing span doesn’t he, hugging Alex Kurtzman and Peter Lenkov at the same time. I also loved seeing Alex with Spike and it looked like he was sharing his water with him, and they both look like they think the world of each other.

  3. Wonderful wonderful man. So full of the human touch. All that and so very hot. Is this fair? Hell yes!!!

  4. I like the way Malia is yawning while Steve goes for the stage! It’s such a tough job looking after a baby the first few month, getting up all night, being tired (and they have older kids too!) and having a man, who’s working long hours (even it’s AOL) and still look so beautiful and great! Way to go Alex and his Family and loads of blessing!

  5. I’m thankful that Aloha Bruce made this tape. It’s what we wanted to watch to complete the SOTB coverage.
    Alex in his best, humble and grateful.

  6. Thank you, ESS for giving us the link. Loved it. The personal touch was what was missing from this years SOTB. At least I think so. Last year there were a lot more pictures with just the little extra touch. So, this was really great.

  7. The missing snippet from SOTB coverage! Missed this on the live stream! So great Bruce filmed and uploaded it.

    Thanks for sharing with us here! ❤

  8. Thanks ESS been waiting for this pity Alex’s speech was a bit short. It’s really because I love hearing Alex talk. When he said ‘see you next year’ I really do hope so. Love the way he greeted his tv ohana.

  9. I’m just now getting to see this. How adorable. Love the way Spike clings to Alex and his little tie to match 😉 Love Malia yawning…a touch of realism there. haha. Love the hugs. Love how much he loves his adopted land. I love how much he *loves*. He’s totally right, he puts 150% in everything he cares about. It seems to be the only way he knows how to do stuff.

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