Recap/Picspam: 4×01 Aloha ke kahi i ke kahi (We Need Each Other) #H50

This week I’m sharing the pic spam/recap by our friend @rocsfan from the Ohana Happy Hour blog. Some of you may remember I’m leaving for vacation in a few days and I asked if I could share her pic spam because I believe she has the same values as we have on the H50BAMF blog, fun and respect with a wee bit of seriousness thrown in. 🙂

Next week I’ll be back in the saddle but be warned it will be late Sunday or possibly Monday before I get it posted as I’ll just be getting back.
Thanks again to the Ohana Happy Hour for sharing her great recap with us and make sure you follow her blog, she keeps me in stitches!


Ohana Happy Hour

Geck-O-Meter: 6 Geckos 

The Show is back! The Show is back!!!!

I think I set myself up by anticipating this episode so much. I was a little disappointed that things didn’t pan out as I had expected. There were still plenty of things that I loved, though! And it was great that they worked Max and Kamekona into the episode.

As I’m looking through the screencaps I’ve collected for this post, I’m realizing that, out of about 40 caps, 5 are of Steve’s butt. And 4 are of him changing his shirt. Hmmmm…

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7 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 4×01 Aloha ke kahi i ke kahi (We Need Each Other) #H50

  1. You are perfectly right – The “Ohana Happy Hour” blog page is also a lot of fun and worth sharing. I already enjoyed the blog above as a subscriber to rocsfan’s page.
    I’m mainly commenting just to wish you a GREAT VACATION !!! It just seems to be kinda short, unfortunately.

  2. Have a great vacation, enjoy the relax moments after a awesome week and don’t worry, we will be right here waiting for you. Have fun!

  3. Great episode! Rewatched it yesterday and was overwhelmed again. *sigh*

    Rewatched it with German subtitles and hooray, I understood and got everything while first watched the episode without subtitles. 😉 Everything except one detail where I couldn’t understand El Condor because he muttered these words, at least for my German ears. This detail might not be important, but who knows…

    Steve said to Danny while chasing the SWAT van: “I lost my dad dealing with people like this. I’m not going to lose Catherine, too.” And while Steve spoke to El Condor via cell after he told the villain he released the suspects El Condor said: “You’re a smart man. History doesn’t have to repeat itself.”

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