H50 Promo for 4.02 – Aloha Kekahi i kekahi #AlexOLoughlin #TimDaly

Thanks to Alex O’Loughlin’s Place Facebook for the promo.
Click on photo to be redirected to the promo vid.




9 thoughts on “H50 Promo for 4.02 – Aloha Kekahi i kekahi #AlexOLoughlin #TimDaly

  1. Looks promising! Texan vendetta? And that “saddle up”! LOL And Steve thought it was appropriate! (at least it looks like) Promising a good laugh, too! 😉

    Do I need new glasses or is this another tall man Steve has to look up to? Who mentioned the “season of tall men this year”? 😉

  2. The only thing i seeeeeeee is steve’s shirt and his pecs!!!!
    Is that a black shirt (or dark blue – 😉 just kidding, ess!!) looks like the black camarro! Glad it isn’t blue (like steve’s car 🙂 buahhh!!!)

  3. Sorry guys, for the joking but my day was rotten, but now, with some yummy McG all is excellent!
    Btw, why isn’t the saddle up joke funny!

  4. I used to have a big crush on Tim Daly when he was on Wings. He still looks HOT. Oh My.
    Tim Daly + AOL = TPDx2

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