Cute intvw with #AlexOLoughlin explaining Lion’s name on @ETCanada

Bless him for playing nice with this cute interviewer who is kinda clueless about a few things or else is completely overwhelmed by talking to Alex (which would totally be me). I kind of feel for her. *fist bump* girlfriend….

Thanks to @miracle for the heads up on the video and the StarsChasers YouTube account for uploading.


23 thoughts on “Cute intvw with #AlexOLoughlin explaining Lion’s name on @ETCanada

  1. Aww bless her – has she ever watched show?

    Also, most people say ‘…got our first ultrasound – turns out it’s a boy after all’ not ‘Our little girl had a penis’ bwahahahah. Never EVER change Alex, never!

  2. You know, at first I was critical of her, but I don’t care how poised you would be before the interview, as soon as this man stepped in front of you….total gibberish. Bless her. He was so kind, when he could have been a total dick like a lot of celebrities today.
    Lion’s onesie with “I Love Nipples”… Funny Alex we fangirls are a bit fond of yours too. 😛
    I think Lion takes after his daddy. Remember the season 1 interview with ET Canada when he said he likes nipples?
    OMG, just when I think couldn’t love him any more, he keeps getting more adorable.
    Anyone else love it when he says “penis?” :mrgreen: I’m such a naughty, naughty fangirl.

  3. AAhhh that was him at his charming best – except for the interviewer clearly never watching the show, but he saved it. LOVED his reasoning why Lion couldn’t go tonight – he’d get drunk and take over the red carpet and its MY night! BWAAAHAHAAHA

  4. Actually, I saw this interview a little while ago and have shared it on my site already – I must say that I had a good laugh about Alex’s witty, funny and fantastic answers AND about that super-clueless lady. I was thinking that someone should lend the Season 1 DVDs of H50 to her for a little refresher on who killed Steve’s Dad. Now that I’ve read your comment, I realize that her cluelessness may actually have been owed to THIS MAN standing in front of her. I don’t know if I’d be speechless or clueless or whatever if I ever had the change to talk to him. Thanks for reminding me to be a bit more understanding for this poor girl – Well, not reeeeally poor though cause she got to talk to him – That’s a lot more than the average fan girl could ever hope for 🙂
    Anyway – this interview is just one more good reason to be a huge fan of Alex!

  5. She was rather clueless but lets blame it on nerves!! I would be rendered speechless if it was me standing with HIM!! He was so sweet to her that you just can’t help loving him even more!!

  6. WHO KILLED MCG’S DADDY????? I insist someone tell me! 😉
    I think her problem was option B: overwhelmed. Because she didn’t react much to anything, like she was so nerve-wracked she wasn’t even hearing his answers. But she had the cojones to ask the Lion question!

    And he was superb and smooth as always, great dish on Little Lion’s name, and they know Mrs. Zappa! And did he say they have a home in Lyons? Also, gotta love the way he shut down the interview when even his patience gave out. 😆

  7. “It’s my night, He would have taken over!” you bet he would! Lion would just have to smile!

    We know who killed McG’s dad?? 😯 I like the French reference to Lions name!

    Was the reporter new for EW?? I can understand be nervous for her, I am just watching these things!!

  8. Sometimes people don’t realize how lucky they are. Clearly that girl doesn’t has no clue, but she has the merit to ask about Lion and we finally know the history about his name. Thank you Alex to answer with fair play and lightness.

  9. The interviewer was doing ok but Alex kept it going. She made me laugh when she asked Alex who killed Steve’s father. Loved his answer.
    It’s Malia who has the house in Lyon

  10. I have to give the girl props, she was able to get Alex to say our little girl, penis and nipples in the same interview, she deserves a reward from all his fans. Talking about Scott and him being born about the same time and she asked are they the same age, loved the Well yeah. One of the best Alex interviews EVER.

  11. I loved it when she asked him if they were the same age and his “well yeahh” and slight giggle instead of going “WTF were you not listening?” He’s a good sport. I respect that.

  12. OMG. I just got to view this video. I’m cracking up so much. I love Alex and he is so sweet, but that girl is a bit dense. lol Of course I would have just stood there and giggled uncontrollably so who am I to talk. lol

  13. I think the interviewer is from ET Canada, poor thing. Not knowing much about Alex, I mean. ET Canada showed a bit of her interview with Alex on Friday. Nothing about Lion, though.

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