Honolulu Pulse shares interview with #AlexOLoughlin on SOTB4 red carpet

Nice interview by Mike Gordon (@crankydad) for the Star Advertiser


That’s our Alex..thinking beyond the obvious.  Go ahead, say it.  You’ll respect him even more after this short interview.  Promise.


13 thoughts on “Honolulu Pulse shares interview with #AlexOLoughlin on SOTB4 red carpet

  1. What a fantastic interview. He’s so amazing how he cares for every person! Love! Mahalo Cranky Dad! Mahalo Ess for sharing!

  2. This is what always draws me back. Just when I think what is a middle age women doing following this goofy actor and then he hits you right in the heart with his caring. It is truly amazing that he stops and lends his fame to the causes that he does. He tries to know his place in the universe, is gobstopped by what all the fuss is about, and then does the right thing with it. I support him because he supports the great things I believe in.

  3. I just told a friend that I’m old enough to be his mother. But when I read all of this, his humble and undying gratitude for his fans and his life and his amazement at it all, it is so refreshing. I no longer think of my love for him as a “guilty” pleasure but a love for a true humanitarian who doesn’t think he’s doing anything special. I wish more of his counterparts would follow suit.

  4. He proves again that is not a pretty face with skills in acting . Alex is a loving and caring person with the sense of honor, duty and gratitude to his job, co-workers, comunity and fans of all over the world. He knows the importance of show to Hawaii’s economy and highlights publicly in the best night for it.
    Never change, please. Your kind heart is the best.

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