SOTB4 Red Carpet pics #AlexOLoughlin #H50

Alex has arrived with the family just sending the first few pics out. 🙂


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    • I wondered that too, he may have just been generalising, it’s what folks say when they’re as good as married! Though personally I hope it was accurate! Good on them if they managed to keep something so special, private and just for them! That interview made it worth getting up at 4.45am with a stinking cold! He just looks so happy and healthy!!

  1. Some Great pictures showing up.. it’s gonna be a long night or I need to go to bed now and do this later!
    Yep, it’s bed time!
    Hey Saxon is getting tall, almost saw height as his dad! 🙂 I see Alex has same problem as my family has. My nephew, is almost taller then my brother!!

  2. Great pics and good interview. Listened to it on another site a few times and it did sound like he has married Malia. Good luck to them. Love Alex when he’s happy.

  3. It’s almost 1:00 am around here but I had to wait for the photos!!! I’m so happy for him and for me this is moment for giving my blessings to him and the show….hope S4 could be the best season from all

  4. He was a little hesitant about saying “married”, like it was describing the situation, not the actual relationship “status”. He’s so into symbols that I would think he would wear a ring if he was truly married. But on the other hand, he wants to keep that all private, which is fine. I’m just glad to see him happy.

    Did he also say Lion is not crawling, just walking? That’s great! I was an early walker (7 mos), always running to keep up with the siblings, so he’s probably trying to keep up with Spike.

    • Alex looked great! I was a little surprised at how casual many looked and then there was Alex with his jacket and tie no less! It looked very nice on him. I’m also surprised at how “American” he can sound at times and then all of a sudden there’s his accent–super adorable!

      I didn’t see every time he spoke. I was getting tired. But for the most part I thought he did well and had his funny moments, too. I thought it sort of odd of the interviewers asking if both he and Daniel would leave. SOTB is a celebration of the show’s success! Don’t down it by asking that! But they did and I think Daniel answered it very well. I think Alex gets a little tripped up when asked personal questions and I wish he could shorten what he says or something because I do feel he gets more flustered and says stuff that sounds odd or confusing. I know he likes his privacy, but just say ‘I’m here with my family and kids. We love it. Maybe I’ll have to travel more or we’ll just have to wait and see.’ I thought he sounded a little forced and awkward. Is he married or just using that phrase? Also I sort of feel for Saxon when he makes such an effort to point out that he has a ‘Hawaiian son.’ I have no doubt he loves all the boys and is a good dad, it just starts sounding like he’s trying too hard to fit in and I don’t think he needs to do that. I don’t know. I’ll stop now because I don’t mean anything bad by it and he still did a great job and looked great and he represents the show very well! I’

      • Sorry my phone is acting weird. I was going to finish by saying that I don’t follow the Jonas Brothers, but I thought they spoke very well and did a nice job answering the questions and had nice things to say about the show as well!

  5. ASF, I think his ADHD causes him to say things that can be disconnected. But, I love him and am proud of him for going out there in public and doing his best.

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