More candids from the SOTB Red Carpet #AlexOLoughlin #H50

Pic credits given on photo.

Please credit if sharing.

Mahalo to all who went, enjoyed and shared.

Later today these will all get moved into one Facebook folder for SOTB4

10 thoughts on “More candids from the SOTB Red Carpet #AlexOLoughlin #H50

  1. Those are amazing thnks for sharing. Alex cracked me up when he said that he doesn’t drive. Daniel was so sweet and Mark was hilarious.Missed Masi.

  2. Thanks for compiling all those Twitter pics – a lot of work, for sure. And some of these are just awesome – must be owed to the absolutely gorgeous looking Alex on them 🙂 I loved his look at the SOTB!

    • This is what I hear, “..this is why. I got a Hawaiian son. I got a Hawaiian name.You know, I have a Hawaiian hanai family and also like, I married into a hawaiian family. It’s like another home for me.”

  3. SOTB4 was amazing 🙂
    Great pictures, thank you for sharing.
    I have a 4 mins video of Alex when he came up to us after the red carpet, lots of close ups, I’m happy to share it if you wish, just let me know.
    I’m not sure what Alex meant when he said “married into a Hawaiian family” but I know from reliable source that him and Malia are not officially married.
    Maybe they feel like they are because of their beautiful family but legally they aren’t.
    Also I suppose that Malia’s latest pics clearly show that the rumors about her pregnancy were all without foundation.

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