HNN interview with #AlexOLoughlin and #ChiMcBride #SOTB4

You know my fangirl heart nearly died when they asked if they could do a double interview. #SQUEE

Alex is the main attraction though, good stuff.


10 thoughts on “HNN interview with #AlexOLoughlin and #ChiMcBride #SOTB4

    • I send you my admiration and gratitude ESS from my little country!!!….H50bamf has been the first blog I read for the SOTB S4 news and as always it’s been a pleasure! ….sweet dreams to everybody!!! :o)

  1. I think that i can’t thank you enough of your terrific job to coverage everything to us. So i chose this post with the video that i asked to you, to once again express my gratitude. You are amazing!

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