ET talks to #AlexOLoughlin about H50 S4 @ET

Great new interview from Entertainment Tonight about WoFat, Hampster Boy, McRoll, Chi McBride…

Click link below:

Entertainment Tonight Speaks to Alex O’Loughlin




Thanks to @H50McRollers for the find!


41 thoughts on “ET talks to #AlexOLoughlin about H50 S4 @ET

  1. Whatever he’s doing – ahldkjfhlkjghasdflkjdasl. It’s working. He looks SUPERB. And he sounds like he’s totally loving life.

  2. I loved this! If he doesn’t have the most animated (not too mention gorgeous) face in the biz, I don’t know who does!! Ladies of H50BAMF thank you for all the hard work you’ve done to keep us in the loop in the run up to S4 kicking off! To my BAMF friends in the States and all those who can watch tonight, have fun – I hope it’s awsome! I have to wait until January, but seeing how Alex is looking just now I KNOW he’s worth the wait 😉 Happy H50 hugs from Scotland!!

    • You’re welcome sweetie! I stayed up with some great friends and we helped each other out and laughed and fangirled together. It was a fun night actually. We had our own online SOTB. 🙂 You guys are reaping the benefits. lol

    • Can’t you watch a stream? I live in Germany, I watched the ep just now and I’m overwhelmed – again! As I said before, it’s a tough weekend… 😉

  3. This face!!! These eyebrows! This everything!

    I can understand the gardener. I would have clipped the hedge exactly at this time at that area. Everybody could see that it was grown too long at that spot. 😆

  4. Thank you so much for all the pics and this interview!!
    Alex is so funny! I enjoy listening to him and it’s strange but even if we hear his voice as Steve etc…I prefer alex’s natural voice
    when he’s not acting. He’s so relax.
    Love the gardener’s arrival!

  5. BTW I officially died when he looked straight at me and said ” come with us”!!! talking about blue blood and fridays.

  6. Oh my, I don’t know what to do first… Or where to look first… Can this man be more adorable????

    One thing is, I think I’m kind of lucky to get no sleep last night (for me SOTB was on at 5:30 am and I couldn’t sleep) and see all the goodies come up one by one instead of this overload of great pics in the posts. It must be – and still is in a moderate way – overwhelming. 😉

    On the other hand, what’s now coming up is even more unbearable, in a good way! When did we get this many eyebrow raises in one interview since Moonlight? I.AM.OFFICIALLY.DEAD! (<– Does anyone think this is overused these days?) That is, until I have to rise from the dead to translate all the other articles, spoilers, and whatever comes up today…

  7. Wow, ladies thanks for all of your hard work in getting all of this stuff out to us. It is like Christmas!!!. I guess if you are going to give up sleep for something let it be a good looking something. Great job!!!! I myself was pulling an all nighter in the ER. I did not dare look at my email for fear I would get distracted and give someone the wrong drug. I should have just shared all of the Alex goodness and everyone would have felt better and went home!!!! Thanks again for the great job1111

  8. 😆 Y’all are crackin me up! I’m thinking exactly all the same things and it’s just delightful and fabulous and total fangirl solidarity today! We are all a bit sleep deprived (most of us not so much as our BAMF girls; bless y’all for forgoing sleep in order to curate and archive Alex’s Big Night and Big Day 😉 ), but it’s a wonderfully fun day, isn’t it? He was awesome with the strange women and I’m guessssssing we may see him on ET tonite? Anybody heard about that?

    ANd of course, Show! I’ve got a late dinner but I’ll be home in time to watch with the West Coasters so see y’all then!!

  9. OMG!!!! I have no cure……..and it’s even worst than being dead because I’m totally lost and helpess… love of Alex…..really!!.I see him more and more and more gorgeous in every pic, clip or whatever…….and I know there’s no medicine, no placebo but HE ……..uuuuunfff, sigh…..pump on the floor

    • Agreed, you know if the first year or two of H50, Alex was funny and charming but he also seemed to be a bit more serious. Maybe feeling the pressure of needing this show to succeed. Now it has and he seems to be more like his old self. It’s glorious.

  10. Okay, that Eyebrow lift, and that voice.. Please read a audio book!! Please!! Okay, okay, I am calm now!! sorta!! Love the eyebrow.. Oh did I type that.. *scrolling back up to watch it again*

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