#AlexOLoughlin … A Class Act #TVNow interview

Jim Halterman does an excellent interview video with Alex.  I know we always talk about his genuineness but his last comments, “…I can’t believe the turnout, the constant commitment  I’m just so, I’m so grateful, man.  You know this is my job. It’s what I know every day, this show is just what I do every day you know, in between living my life but I do it with all of my heart and these people come here with all their hearts so…. I don’t think they’ll ever understand what it means to me. It means the greatest deal ever.”

He almost seemed to get a bit choked up saying it and I felt a bit emo listening and I didn’t even get to go with all my heart. I just stayed up with all my heart. 🙂 and my friends.  So thank you too, Alex for giving us a reason.

Forgot to add the link to the webpage with other actor interviews: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2013/09/hawaii-five-0-exclusive-on-the-season-4-premiere-red-carpet/

14 thoughts on “#AlexOLoughlin … A Class Act #TVNow interview

  1. We all say it all the time, but the fact that he is so humble and grateful is one of most attractive qualities… He would break my heart if he ever changed, but I’m so confident he won’t… He’s just a gem!!

    I’m sick as a dog this weekend and my tablet pinging with new mail from you is the only thing making me smile (ok this and chocolate!) thank you so much!!

    • So true, Fi! I wouldn’t love him anymore (even shirtless, ok, just a little!!) if he became one of these actors who think they are superior and allowed to do anything like snobing fans.
      He’s so grounded and that’s why we love him besides his talent!
      Hope you will feel better soon. Sending you good vibes that’s all I can do! *-*
      Thank you Ess/team for the great work. I think you are gonna have a good sleep! -_-

      • Thank you – good vibes are hugely appreciated!! It is just a cold, but some other medical issues mean I get beat up a little more than usual! Xxx

  2. It was SUCH a lovely moment, wasn’t it? He’s right, of course, as usual. We may never know how much this all means to him, just as he’ll never truly know how much the fine, fine man that he is means to all of us.

  3. All I can say is Alex is a true professional and humble with it. I’m glad I stayed up for him and will be there tomorrow morning watching H50. This man grows even further in my estimation. May good luck and good fortune follow him always.

  4. Thank you Alex for being humble, hard worker and grateful. When you give as much, you receive back at the same way. Respect and love to the actor and the man, with all our hearts!

  5. In all honesty, I’m sure Alex has his moments and he’s grown accustomed to certain things, who wouldn’t but I admire his ability to stay down to earth as much as possible. You know, given his talent and extreme good looks.

  6. You passing the Kleenex box after that interview!! WOW!!

    Um.. Sid he say McGarrett and Cath are living together! 🙂 Did I hear that, and the she goes to work for him!! 😯

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