SOTB information times and update(s) #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim

Hawaii News Now page on SOTB coverage:

According to the webpage, the red carpet would start at 6pm HI time, however just a few minutes ago there was a tweet from The Honolulu Pulse that the red carpet will start ***30 MINUTES EARLIER at 5:30 HI TIME***!!  please plan accordingly!!
As for our coverage here on H50BAMF, we will attempt to bring you Alex’s portions on the red carpet and maybe a little extra. Depends on how it all goes down. 🙂
As for pics, our good friends Miracle from Alex O’Loughlin’s Rooms and Alexynay from Alex O’Loughlin Journal will be working together to bring you the best pics out there. That’s how ohana works!!!  Of course, our coverage here will mostly be Alex because this is an Alex website 😉 but may sneak in a few others as well.  I’ll try to post them in groups so I don’t kill your email inboxes.
This is the most coverage we’ve attempted here at H50BAMF so we appreciate your support and patience. 🙂  This is going to be great…or a disaster. HA!! *thinks positive*
ps….Submissions from anyone are welcome and appreciated! You can email me, DM or FB message me if you want. Give me the pic credit and how you”d like to be credited with the *thank you*.
Woo hoo!!! Let the madness begin!!!
I mean, continue…..
carry on…

9 thoughts on “SOTB information times and update(s) #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim

  1. I’m wide awake. This is one time I’m grateful I still have some jet lag. Saw a tweet from Lon Takiguchi they’re still shooting

  2. According to some informations they will be going directly from the North shore to the SOTB and they will begin shooting next day at 6 am, also they said that Grace and Sc will not be present. For me and to my great regret I already suspected that Grace would not be there, I’m going to miss her but Alex,Daniel, Michelle, Masi,Chi, Peter and Roberto will be there as well as Dennis and Taylor, so I’m happy all my fav are there except Grace.

  3. Thank you Ess and all the other ladies for working hard at bringing SOTB to us who can’t be there or see it.{{{{hugs}}}} 🙂

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