. @PLenkov loves these guys .. I do too!! #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride



Thanks to @alexynay of Alex O’Loughlin Journal Facebook for the heads up!


9 thoughts on “. @PLenkov loves these guys .. I do too!! #AlexOLoughlin #ChiMcBride

  1. It is kind of funny that we’re going to be seeing someone fairly regularly that will be making Alex look small. He’s gonna dwarf poor Scott. lol Scott’s a big boy though, he can handle it, I’m sure he’s used to it.

    I *think* Chi has a son around Saxon’s age so the two of them may have a lot to talk about. 🙂 Plus they both love their cigars… though there hasn’t been much talk and no pics of Alex with them this year so far.

    If Peter really likes Chi then he’ll probably be around for awhile. YAY!

      • Yeah, I know. He seemed to wise up during Three Rivers, commented on how awful diseased lungs look and smell, but then he started up again it seems. The cigar problem is more than just lungs worries, though, mouth cancer is also a real possibility, so I hope he quits.

  2. Another great pic. It is strange to see someone taller than Alex. That’s what I’ve noticed too Alex not smoking his cigars. Could be something to do with his fitness regime with Egan.
    ESS the more I read your comments about Chi the more I cannot wait . Thank goodness for the internet

    • “ESS the more I read your comments about Chi the more I cannot wait .”- eek! Normally I would say “I hope it lives up to expectations” but I fully believe he will. If he doesn’t, it will be the writing and not Chi. THAT I’m 1000% sure of.

  3. Thanks again for putting all these goodies up here, ESS. It’s almost not necessary to go any other places but this site, because we can be sure ESS has it all. 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to Chi, he’s great, and I’m sure his character and Steve together will be friggin awesome.

    • We’re trying to do more this year. 🙂 But I don’t normally do articles and all the misc spoilers. That’s just way too much to keep track of and post. I posted this article because it was done by an H50 twitter fan and it had my boys in the pic. 🙂 Didn’t want to post the pic without the link. Felt it only right. lol!

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