Countdown to H50 S4 – Steve McGarrett #AlexOLoughlin



16 thoughts on “Countdown to H50 S4 – Steve McGarrett #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I volunteer for the hand-holding, too 🙂 Sure enough poor Steve will need some comfort in view of all the tough stuff those writers keep coming up with for him. I’m sure Season 4 won’t be much easier for Steve…

  2. I’ll have to wait – sooooo long. I’m going on vacation on saturday and I will miss the first two epis and everything else. Great timing!!!
    I think I never loved a fictional character more than I love Steve. He is such a multi-faceted character and Alex brings him brilliantly to life.
    Steve has and had so many obstacles in his life, so many losses and betrayals I really don’t want him to worry about hampster boy relationship-wise. Really, I don’t!!! Even Steve can only take so much… And than I would hate Cath. And I don’t want to…

    • I don’t want to hate Cath either and I will be soooo mad at her (and the writers) if they go down that path, but I have faith they won’t. *shakes fist in their general direction*

      OH NO!! Well have fun on your vacation! I may miss the 2nd episode, not sure yet but I’ll be home that sunday and will furiously work at getting pic spam up. 🙂

  3. What I want for Steve in season 4 – more time with Chin, more love scenes with Cath, shirtless time and more ninja Steve, as well as funny and emo time. Yup the 12 old fangirl is speaking. LOL

  4. I think Steve had a bit of a quiet s3 but I think it will be ramped up for him this season and he is not in for an easy life and ride what with Grover, Cath and Billy. I want more action yes more ninja Steve

  5. I never thought that i would so hooked about a character of a TV show, but i am. Steve McGarrett, the navy seal, Hawaii Five-0 team leader, the big brother, the devoted son, the loyal lover, the best friend.
    But nobody’s perfect so yes he has difficulty to express his feelings about Cath and mom. We started to watched it at the end of season 3, so i hope Steve can manage to tell what he feels this season.
    Despite the missing of his youngest team member, he will enjoy working with the two friends. I miss the McNerd McGarrett and his craziest way of interrogation.
    Captain Grover will drive him a little crazy at the begining but is a matter of time they will be a team that bad guys in Hawaii will have fear of.
    I really hope that Woo Fat isn’t Steve’s half brother. That he can have more answers about his mom past and dad’s investigation.
    More romance, please. Now there are no excuse, mom isn’t at home! And Steve is fearless enough to deal with Billy. If nobody’s mess with his team, i’m sure that nobody’s mess with his girl.
    We know that will have Mr. Fix it back and Commander-Lieutenant in white dress Uniform, so it’s great.
    I’m looking forward to watch season 4. I’m more than ready. Let’s party start it.

  6. I want to be the” scary” girl next to Steve in that rollercoaster cage and hold on him with all my tiny body.. ( I’m 12 right now) …sigh! ….I’m afraid things professionally but specially emotionally won’t be easy for him in S4…he has so much to deal with….I’m worry about “that to be continued” with Doris….I suspect Wo Fat is his half brother and that’ s why Doris couldn’ t kill him and went to visit in jail…….and Cath…..hamster boy came at the worst time…I don’t wanna see him with his heart broken…..I really hope Groover supports him…as collegue and friend….. Definitelly, I’m in love with Steve <3!

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